Roomba Keeps Docking and Undocking – RESOLVED- (2022)

When your Roomba keeps docking and undocking, there could be many reasons resulting from this behavior of your robot vacuum cleaner. In most cases it’s been observed that Roomba keeps docking and undocking mainly after the firmware or the software update.
You can read this article to check the software release notes for your specific model.

Second most common reason for a Roomba to keep docking and undocking is that the dust sensors on your Roomba are choked and it keeps thinking that the bin is full. So, the Roomba undocks and then again it senses that the bin is full and docks again to try to empty the bin.

The solution is to clean the dust sensors with a light bristle toothbrush and then wipe off the dirt with a dry cloth. This should solve the problem.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps To Understand Roomba Docking/Undocking Behavior

  1. Make sure that the home base (docking station) is not unplugged, or moved from its original location during a cleaning cycle. Even a slight rotation can also cause this issue at times. Not always but yes it does.
  2. Roomba is a cleaning robot vacuum which ideally is used daily and hence its ought to pick up and collect dirt. As a result the charging contacts on the home base and on the Roomba accumulate debris which should be cleaned often. This is to ensure that the Roomba charges to its full capacity when docked on the home base.

    We also have an article which tells you how long it takes for a Roomba to charge.
  3. The place where you keep the home base of your Roomba should be clean and without any clutter.
  4. The home base should be placed on a hard leveled surface against a wall and the Roomba should have a clear path towards the home base when it needs to charge. The home base should also be a minimum 4 feet away from any stairs.
  5. Check the camera of the Roomba if the lens is clear or it’s dirty and hence obstructing the pathway. You can also lift the Roomba to inspect the wheels if one of them has heavy resistance and hence the movement is stalled.

Now let’s get into some specific troubleshooting with regards to solving the issue of Roomba keeps docking and undocking.

Cleaning The Roomba Filters

Firstly, ensure that you clean the filters every week and twice a week if you have pets at home. Filters should be replaced every 2 months for optimum performance of your iRobot vacuum cleaner.

1) Release the bin by pressing the bin-release button.

2) Gently detach the bin from the Romba.

3) Press the filter door button and lift it.

4) Remove the filter out by pulling the yellow tab made out of plastic.

5) Clean the filter as you normally do with the help of gentle brushes and a dry cloth.

6) Reinstall the filter back into the Roomba.

7) Make sure the filter is installed properly or the filter doors won’t close.

Reboot Your Roomba

Many errors and issues are resolved by resetting or rebooting the Roomba. You may have to hard close the iRobot Home App too on your phone.

It’s imperative to know the difference between reset and reboot. Reboot is a simple restart of your Roomba from a shutdown state wherein reset means your Roomba will be back to factory settings and all data will be wiped out.

Rebooting S Series

Press and hold the clean button on the Roomba for 20 seconds and release it. Once released the ring light on the Roomba will swirl clockwise in white color. The light will be ON until the rebooting procedure is complete.

Roomba Keeps Docking and Undocking - RESOLVED- (2022) 1
Source: – iRobot

Roomba i Series and j Series

The procedure is the same as the S series but the duration of pressing and holding the CLEAN button is different here. For i Series press and hold for 20 seconds and for j series, it’s 10 seconds.

Roomba Keeps Docking and Undocking - RESOLVED- (2022) 2

Roomba e Series, 500, 600 and 800 series. (Wifi or Non Wifi Connected Roombas)

Roomba 600 Series: – Turn the Roomba upside down and look for the green dot. Remove the battery and reinstall the battery after a minute. This will reboot your Roomba.
Roombas With Dock and Spot Buttons: – All Roomba models which come with spot and dock buttons you need to press and hold the home and spot clean button. Roomba will play the reboot tone and its done.

Factory Reset a Roomba To Solve The Docking/Undocking Error

There are two ways to perform a factory reset on a Roomba. One is through the iRobot Home App and the other is on the robot vacuum itself.

1) Factory Reset Through The App: – This is the recommended method to factory reset your Roomba. Once you do it, the Roomba will be disconnected from the iRobot Home App on your phone and also from the data stored in the iRobot cloud.

To do this, on the app go to → settings → factory reset (Roomba Name)

Make sure that the Roomba and your phone are connected to the same Wifi network while performing this operation.

Factory Reset On a WiFi Connected Roomba – To Solve Docking/Undocking Issue

  1. s Series and i Series: – Press the CLEAN, Spot Clean and the Home button simultaneously until the white light swirls around the ring. The light will stop when the process is complete.
  2. j Series : – Press the CLEAN button after removing the dustbin for 7 seconds. Roomba will play a tone for factory reset. Press the clean button once again to start the process.
  3. e Series: – Press Home, Spot Clean and the Clean button for 20 seconds and then release for the reset procedure to start.
  4. 900 Series Robots: – Press and hold the DOCK, Clean and Spot Clean button which will activate all LED’s and the process will start.
  5. 600 and 800 Series (Wifi Connected): – Press Home, Spot Clean and the Dock button down simultaneously unless the Roomba makes a beep noise. Then release.

6.Roomba Combo: – Flip open the lid and locate the reset button. Press it for 10 seconds.

Please Note: – On the factory reset page you will get the option of saving smart maps. Toggle the switch to ON so that all your custom maps are saved and you can reload them into your app from the cloud. This will save you a lot of time. This feature may not be available on all models though. To take care of your Roomba in the most appropriate manner, you can also refer to this article from the company itself. Click Here.

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