Should You Run a Roomba Everyday (7 Days a Week?)

How often you should run your robot vacuum is the question which is all over the internet and various forums like reddit too. Smart home devices have become an integral part of our lives as they make daily household maintenance so much easier. On an average you should run your Roomba every 2 days or overall 7 times a week. The frequency of running a robot vacuum would depend on the factors considered below.

How often you should run a Roomba depends on a lot of factors and not all may apply to everyone. Hence, the answer may be a yes or no in your case. Let’s see which factors determine if you should run a Roomba everyday for cleaning your home.

Family & Pets ScenarioCleaning Suggested Based On Real Usage
2 individuals and 2 cats3 times a week or daily if the bin gets full in every run.
2 individuals, 2 cats and 2 childrenOnce daily
2 individuals and one catOnce every alternate day
Two individuals, 2 dogs, 2 or more catsOnce every day or twice daily.
More than 3 pets, two individuals and toddlersOnce everyday or twice daily
Working individual living in an apartmentTwice a week.

Factors Affecting The Roomba Run In Your House

  1. Do you live in an apartment or own a house which is large enough?

    Answer: – If you’re living alone in an apartment then you can use it every 2 or 3 days. If it’s a large house with a lot of family members then daily use of a Roomba should keep your home clean.
  2. Do you have pets at home and do they have long hair and shed a lot?

            Answer: – Having pets at home can really make the house messy. Especially if they are
            long haired. So if you have the furry animals at home then daily use of your Roomba is ideal        

  1. How many people live in the house?

    Answer: – If there are more than 3 members in your household then using a Roomba every alternate day is ideal. As each family member occupies one room so it calls for cleaning almost daily or every second day.
  2. Do you have small children at home?

    Answer: Having small children surely calls for daily use of your robot vacuum cleaner.

5. The type of flooring in your home also is a factor. We will explain it below.

Answer: – Using a Roomba frequently on carpet or different types of flooring largely depends on the environmental condition you’re living in. If you live near a construction site or a factory and also have carpet flooring then you need to use your Roomba more frequently to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness.

Also if you live in a pretty decent and friendly environment then vacuuming hardwood and tiles flooring can be done twice a week. Carpeted flooring should be vacuumed daily.

Is It Bad To Run Your Roomba Everyday?

If living in a large family makes you run a Roomba daily then its absolutely fine. If you do wish to run your robot vacuum daily then take advantage of the scheduling feature of your Roomba to maintain your home spanking clean.

To schedule a non WiFi Roomba follow the instructions mentioned : – Here

To set up scheduling on a WiFi enabled Roomba you can refer these instructions: – Here

What Does Dirt Event Count Mean On a Roomba?

First let’s differentiate between Dirt Event and Dirt Detect. Both are not the same. A dirt event is the unusual concentration of dirt detected in a small area which requires more than a single run by your Roomba to clean.

Should You Run a Roomba Everyday (7 Days a Week?) 1

Dirt detect is the representation of such dirt events on your smart map on your phone. These are shown as small green squares. If you see them quite often then it’s time for your Roomba to get into action. This way too you can decide the frequency of runs you need in your home. This is especially useful when you have pets at home. Clumps of dog hair are the classic example of dirt events.

Should You Run a Roomba Multiple Times In a Single Day?

If you wish to run a Roomba multiple times in a day then we need to first pay attention to the charging time and cleaning time of a Roomba. A Roomba on an average can take upto 2 hours to charge and can have a 90 mins of cleaning time max. The latest Roomba’s which come with Imprint Smart mapping have 75 minutes of cleaning time. So you can run a Roomba 3 to 4 times a day maximum. Some rest in between is a must for the longevity of the device.

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