How To Use Single Jack Headset On PC Without Splitter

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    When trying to use your headset with a PC, one of the most common problems is connecting to the headset. In this post, we have listed a guide on how to use a single jack headset on a PC without splitter.

    The first headphones came with two connectors, one for audio and one for a microphone. Because of this, computers had two ports to connect these headphones.

    In recent years, headphones have been replaced by a single connector. However, PCs still come with two connectors.

    In this post, we will see how to connect a single plug headphone without a splitter.

    Recent computers have a single headphone jack. So you need to plug in headphones and you’re done.

    If you have a PC with two slots to connect a headset, the method below will work for you.

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    What Is a Splitter?

    One must wonder if splitters affect the sound quality of the earphone. But first, let’s find out what divisors are. Splitter is a single connector device tool, which works by operating a single connector application with the goal that users can do it on PC without very extensive interfaces.

    At the end of the day, two results always follow. First, there will be no volume issues when using a splitter, although one does experience good sound quality. Also, as parts of the divider, the current is subject to the voltage of the volume, not the voltage. This is the reason why the divider that affects the sound quality is not affected.

    Best Recommended Splitters

    1. Headphone 3.5mm Splitter Mic Cable for Computer

    2. Kingtop 3.5mm Combo Audio Adapter Cable for PS4

    How To Single Jack Headset On PC Without Splitter

    The use of headphones with a single plug has caused an unexpected change in the use of Bluetooth or remote headphones. It received a large amount of interest as of 2019.

    Gamers and music players held steady for wired or headphone headphones. As stated above, splitters that generally propagate single-jack utility can be avoided by using a single-jack headset. To understand the technique of using single-jack headphones without a splitter, it is best to first know the importance of headphones on the PC and the performance jack.

    Now, we will clear things up on this as we will explain in detail how to use the same jack headset on your personal computer, without the use of the splitter.

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    Basics On Input and Output

    Recently, headphones come with three rings on the headphone jack, whereas before this, the headphones come with two rings on the headphone jack.

    The two rings mean the headphones are stereo but do not support input. This means that microphone connectivity is not present.

    Three-ring hearing aid means two rings for stereo sound and one for microphone. PC ports, which are green and red, are designed in a similar way.

    Because of this, you will need a splitter to connect the headphones to both ports.

    New Advanced PC

    Almost all new PCs come with two connectors, and if you look closely at the ports, you will see icons indicating which port is dedicated to the output and which is dedicated to the input. is. What you need to do here is connect your single jack headphones to another port, so you can not only hear the audio, but you can also use the microphone. The second port can support both.

    Laptops and MacBooks generally come with a single port which is a dual-purpose port, and this means that they can easily support both audio input and output with a single port. We also have a solution for people who own an old PC. So you don’t have to worry that if you have an old PC or laptop, there is a way you can use single-jack headphones without a splitter.

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    Old PC

    • Navigate to the sound icon found at the bottom right of the screen in the taskbar
    • Right-click on the sound icon and open the sounds
    • A new popup window will appear. Proceed to recording tab
    • If the window setup does not show a microphone click on the microphone
    • Let Windows recognize your microphone and after successful validation, it should start working.
    • Apply changes and exit.
    • If the microphone still doesn’t work for you, then unfortunately the only possible way forward is to buy an audio splitter.

    For Windows operating system

    • Click the start button at the bottom left of the screen.
    • Go to the control panel.
    • There you will find multiple settings, select the sound from them.
    • A pop-up tray will open with different sound options. Click on the recording section of them.
    • There you will find the list of devices. Find the device you are currently using and set it as the default.
    • If you cannot find it, click the Configure Microphone button. Windows will automatically search and detect if the device is inserted.
    • Done, don’t forget to apply the changes and then test your device.

    Mac Operating System

    In this, users operating PCs do not circumvent the use of a single connector without a splitter. Here’s how to do it;

    • Click on the volume icon first, or if you can’t locate the icon then you can also see the settings of the sounds.
    • Open Sound Preferences.
    • A popup will appear, make sure to go to the input tab.
    • Repeat a similar process, and it will find your gadgets as long as they are connected, and when you search for them, it will set them by default.

    That’s it, these elaborate techniques and methods are quite effective here. But on the off chance that it does not fall out, your cat may be infected, try to fix the cat, or usually put resources into the splitter. Finished! We hope these steps were quite easy.

    Basics On Input and Output

    Recently, headphones come with three rings on the headphone jack, whereas before this, the headphones come with two rings on the headphone jack.

    The two rings mean the headphones are stereo but do not support input. This means that microphone connectivity is not present.

    Three-ring hearing aid means two rings for stereo sound and one for microphone. PC ports, which are green and red, are designed in a similar way.

    Because of this, you will need a splitter to connect the headphones to both ports.

    Dual or Single Jack Headphones

    The main difference between dual and single jack headphones is their ease of use. A single plug headset is designed for use with devices that have only one port, making it easy to use with such devices. They also have less cabling, making them more compact and portable, a perfect solution for modern slimline Smartphone, tablets, and laptops.

    Dual jack headphones provide a bit more versatility, as you can take advantage of an external microphone on a single device instead of a built-in one, or even connect your microphone to headphones from a different device, such as an external sound card or recorder.

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    Why Single Jack Headphones Are Popular

    Single plug headphones are popular because they are designed to work with new generations of increasingly slimmer electronic devices. Smartphone’s, tablets, and laptops are getting thinner and a single 3.5mm audio jack can save a lot more space than a dual jack. Single-plug headphones make the process of connecting to these unique ports even easier and come bundled with many modern Smartphone’s, so many users have the headphones they use the most and are at home most likely.

    That said, even as single 3.5mm ports are becoming less common than the last few generations of many devices, companies like Apple are ditching them entirely in favor of USB-C connections.

    Best Single Jack Headphones Recommended

    • Koss UR20 Over-Ear Headphones

    Beyerdynamic DT 252 80 Ohm Single-Ear Closed D

    Why Should You Choose The Type With Only One Jack?

    Although you can play online with other players without headphones (headphones and mic combined in one unit), doing so can be a challenge when chatting with other players.

    Your computer’s microphone may not be strong enough to sustain your voice, or it may pick up all sounds in the room, such as your mobile voice. Without a single jack microphone, your speakers will transmit everything through your microphone.

    Wired headphones with microphones are mounted on the ear. They are designed to balance the sounds of the game with your voice chat and are generally designed with maximum comfort in mind.

    We want to ensure that you use PC headsets with microphones that plug into the combo microphone / headphone jack. These reasons are:

    Sound quality

    One of the main reasons you should use a wired headset with a microphone is better audio quality. Wired headphones that connect to a combo jack provide higher audio quality than traditional dual jack inputs.

    TS, TRS, and TRRS

    There are three main types of connectors: TS, TRS, and TRRS. The TS port does not support microphone or stereo sound. This means that the TS handles mono sound; Both headphones reproduce the same.

    Then there’s the TRS connector, which doesn’t support mic sound, but does a great job of supporting stereo sound. This simply means that you can hear other players but you cannot chat with them.

    Traditional gaming headsets come with two separate TRS connectors for headphone and microphone. If you cannot connect the microphone jack, it supports the microphone and the headphones are a TRRS jack. The most popular is the TRRS connector, which cannot chat with other players.

    The only connector of the three with new laptops, Smartphone’s and MP3 players, In addition to providing the ability to connect to a single connector on your PC, a TRRS connector is backward compatible and saves space when used with a laptop.

    Reduce your pc wiring

    For traditional two-jack headphones, you need to connect the microphone cable to the microphone input and the headphone cable to the headphones input. So more connections mean more cables, which can be quite annoying at times.

    However, with a one-plug headset, you can reduce the number of cables that connect to your computer.

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    There is no doubt that using single jack headphone without separation is sometimes a lengthy process. You may need to replace the entire jack system, which can be a more expensive process, but after that, you will have to use a single jack headphone without a splitter.

    The price of a divider is usually between $ 1 and $ 5, depending on the quality of the divider. Some dividers can work very well, while very few cannot. This is the easiest way to connect headphones to a jack without a jack. If you encounter any issues while following the procedure, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

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