What Does Super Alexa Mode do And How to Activate it

What Does Super Alexa Mode do And How to Activate it

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The Super Alexa mode is a pleasant surprise for the retro gamer and shows that our friendly voice assistant has a sense of humor. Outside of mundane requests, like asking Alexa to check for weather updates or the latest news, it’s always good to see how you react to seeing the cue ball.

The classics ask Alexa to tell them a joke or ask awkward questions about whether she got a funny comment.

The Alexa programming has several “Easter eggs”, and the Super Alexa mode is one of them. 

What is Super Alexa mode?

Many Amazon Voice Assistant users are just beginning to discover the Super Alexa mode, which is one of the secrets behind it and not always easy to find Because as you will see below, its activation is a very simple process.

The new one, discovered in many ways by Super Alexa, is not infested with Easter eggs or Easter eggs. This is quite an interesting curiosity that players may be familiar with and when active assistants have some of these phrases spoken:

Logically and as you may feel after saying these phrases, you’re smart speaker with Alexa will do nothing more. That is, it is useless beyond the curiosity generated by thinking that you are going to activate something that will enhance the abilities of a Jarvis-style assistant in Iron Man.

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How to activate super Alexa mode?

Use this command for activation,

“Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.”

To activate the “Super Alexa Mode” or the “Super Cheat Mode”, there is a specific command that you must give to Alexa. There is no need to worry about the command because it is very easy.

After hearing this special command, Alex will respond with “Super Alexa Mode on” Jet Startup, online. “Wait, you’re not done yet. Alexa will also say” Enabling the advanced system, online “Dangerous parenting. Error Dani disappears incorrect charge. “And after that, there will be silence. Ultimately, Super Alexa mode cannot be fully activated until you retrieve the missing threats,” another inside joke for gamers.

You will also be surprised to know that this Super Alexa mode is not only for specific Amazon devices but also for any Echo device, such as Echo Dot or Echo Show. This command also works for the Alexa app, available from Apple and the Google App Store.

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Super Alexa mode goal

Apparently, the Super Alexa mode forces gamers to laugh with surprising answers to their strange questions. However, this mode does not affect any status changes on your Amazon Alexa voice assistant devices. You can keep Super Alexa mode on or off on Amazon Alexa devices.

So you can turn off Super Alexa mode the way you want. Also, one thing you should know is that you can use Super Alexa mode on your Alexa device if you don’t have an Alexa device.

Frankly, the Super Alexa mode serves no other purpose than to make gamers laugh. For example, nothing changes on your device, so you don’t need to “disable” Super Alexa mode for your devices.

What does super Alexa mode do?

Once she revealed the secret code to Alexa, Alexa announced that Super Alexa mode was on. Your device will yell “Super Alexa Mode on” Reactor Home, online.

Enabling advanced systems, online Donor error. Miss Donor. Get an abortion. “Calm down after that. Super Alexa mode apparently can’t fully participate until it finds the missing danger. If it works, we’ll update this article with this information.

If you don’t have an Echo, don’t go. You don’t need a specific Amazon device to use Super Alexa mode. It also works in the Alexa app available on your favorite App Store.

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History of the Konami Code

Konami’s invention of the code is credited to Kazuhisa Hashimoto, the lead developer of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s Gradius in 1986. During the testing phase, Hashimoto created a code for his team that allowed players to launch the game. With updates the full code made it easy to test all aspects of the game without worrying about enemies and obstacles.

Hashimoto claims that he accidentally forgot to remove the code and never intended for players to use it. After the public discovered the code, Konami received quite a positive response from gamers. Prior to the difficulty setting, the Konami Code gave players the option to play gradients at a more casual pace. Hence, Gradius was more accessible to less experienced gamers, broadening Konami’s potential audience.

As a result, Code became a staple of Konami games on the NES, especially the Contra series. The original arcade version of Contra was known for its large difficulty curve, so players were eager to test Konami’s code when it released on the NES in 1988. Those who entered the code were rewarded with an additional 30 lives, At the beginning of the game.

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Can Super Alexa Mode Be Dangerous?

No, there is no danger in Super Alexa mode; this is just for fun. This installation will not cause any damage and will also not serve any functional purpose. In about 10 seconds, this function will run its course automatically and nothing else.

You do not need to do anything to disable Super Alexa mode because it automatically turns off. After about 10 seconds, the Super Alexa mode will stop automatically.

How to stop super Alexa mode:

How do we get it to stop Super Alexa mode before it is too late? Because the only danger you face in Super Alexa mode is when you had kids playing video games and how much they enjoyed it and how they changed.

Don’t worry about Alexa Super Mode; it won’t cause any harm to you or your beloved Alexa, or your home. You can stop giving it after about 10 seconds. This is just an Easter egg that Alexa developers have added to the device for entertainment, but what does Super Alexa mode do?

Well, you can find out using Super Alexa mode on your Alexa device. We show you how to do this.

Is it more of Alexa’s Easter Eggs?

Of course, there are a lot of Easter eggs on Alexa, from your favorite memes, video games, music, to that memorable moment in the movie, Alexa has it all. Amazon loaded Alexa with a ton of Chick Easter eggs, which you can easily unlock, as long as you know what to order and provide the right script; An example of this is Alexa self-destruct code.

Can you play with Alexa too?

If you have an Echo device, specifically an Echo Show, then there are a variety of Alexa skills that work like games, especially with an emphasis on exploring and deciding role-playing games. We haven’t heard anything about Konami code that works with any of them, but it is definitely possible!


If you are bored at home and want to laugh, you can activate Super Alexa mode.

Just keep in mind that Super Alexa mode is just a means of entertainment and nothing else. It does not shut down your Echo device with better power or capability. All these Easter eggs on Alexa will make you laugh and nothing else.

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