Swsetup Folder Everything You Need To Know

Swsetup Folder Everything You Need To Know, Everyone knows how a computer works and which files are most important and which are not. Similarly, there is a file on your computer that is a .exe file, which means an executable file called swsetup.exe.

This file is located in your Program Files folder, as we’ll tell you more about its location, but for now, let’s study what this file actually does on your computer.

Some speculate that this file acts like a virus on the computer and others say that it serves to protect the operating system from other viruses.

If you have seen the file format of this swsetup.exe, you can determine that this file is an executable file and that various executable files can harm your computer in some cases.

Also, in this article, you can get information about the file and decide whether the file is a virus for your operating system or the file is related to the operating system.

Swsetup Folder Everything You Need To Know
Swsetup Folder Everything You Need To Know

What is the SWSetup folder?

What is the SWSetup folder? The SWSetup folder is a system folder commonly found on HP notebook computers. This folder contains installation files for drivers and other system software.

If you want to get more details about HP laptops, you may visit the official website of MiniTools.

SWSetup.exe is used to check for available driver updates running in the background. Once the update is found, it will also try to install it in the background.

However, many driver updates require a reboot to install successfully. The process caches these downloads in a folder on the startup drive and waits for your PC to shut down or restart.

The SWSetup folder also controls the HP Software Configuration Tool. Many users prefer HP Software Configuration Tool to Support Assistant. Because Support Assistant crashes a lot in Windows 10 and has many compatibility issues.

Swsetup Folder Everything You Need To Know
Swsetup Folder Everything You Need To Know

Here is a list of Windows System

Temporary files and folders that should not be deleted.

Apart from the Windows root directory, Program Files, and ProgramData; there are some other system files created by Windows for running it smoothly. Most of these files are important system files, and should not be deleted.

WinSxS folder

WinSxS stands for Windows Side By Side. It contains different copies of Windows .dll files for compatibility purposes. Deleting this folder can render your system unbootable.


It stores the contents of Hibernation.


It stores the contents of Virtual Memory.


It stores the contents of Windows Store Apps.

Recovery folder

Recovery stores the files required to boot your computer in Windows Recovery Environment if the computer fails to boot in normal mode. It is normally less than 500MB so deleting this won’t make much of a difference. Plus, you should never mess with a recovery or repair tool.

System Volume Information folder

It stores the contents of Windows Restore points. Deleting the contents of this folder will corrupt your Restore Points. You can mention the percent space of each drive that you want to be used in System Restore.

Windows. old folder

It stores the system files from the previous installation of Windows. These files can be used to go back to a previous installation if you did not like the update. The Windows. old is safe to delete, but you have to boot in Safe Mode to do it easily and safely.

ESD folder

ESD stands for Electronic Software Distribution. It stores the Windows update images. Microsoft downloads the Windows Update files in the .esd format to Windows computers. These files are then used to perform updates. The ESD files can be converted to ISO format, and then be used to perform a clean install using a bootable USB/DVD.

MSOCache folder

It stores the temporary files required for installing Microsoft Office. Even you have not installed Microsoft Office yourself; chances are that this folder is still present on your computer because many times Windows includes a trial version of Office in its PCs or Upgrade images. But you may need this folder to source the installation files if you ever wanted to repair your Office installation.

SWSetup folder

It stores the installation files for most of the drivers for your Windows. The device manufacturer provides it. If you are short on space on your Windows partition then move this folder to another partition or on a removable drive. Deleting it is not recommended.

Swsetup Folder Everything You Need To Know
Swsetup Folder Everything You Need To Know

Common Swsetup.exe Error Messages

There are several error messages that refer to swsetup.exe.

We will show you some common swsetup.exe error messages so that you can be accepted by these error messages in the future.

  • swsetup.exe application error
  • swsetup.exe failed
  • Swsetup.exe is not a valid Win32 application
  • Swsetup.exe is not running
  • Swsetup.exe was not found
  • Error starting Problem: Swsetup.exe
  • Faulty Application Path: Swsetup.exe

These error messages can appear anywhere, be it during installation, during system startup, or in the middle of work.

These messages are used to recognize you so that you can be prepared when they arrive and also to help you troubleshoot problems.

Swsetup Folder Everything You Need To Know

How to disable SWSetup

If you find out that SWSetup is a virus, you’d better disable it in Windows. There is a Startup tab in the Task Manager that lists all the applications for starting your computer. So, try disabling it in Task Manager to prevent it from showing up at startup. Now, let’s see how to disable it in Windows 10.

Step 1: Right-click on the Start menu and then choose Task Manager.

Step 2: Switch to the Home tab.

Step 3: Find SWSetup in the list. Right-click on it once you find it and select the Disable option.

Step 4: Restart your computer and then check if the software appears at startup.


Swsetup Folder Everything You Need To Know, Therefore, that was our take on the C: \ swsetup folder. Containing? Can I remove or move swsetup?

Swsetup Folder is a system folder that includes installation files for various drivers required for your system.

You can delete the folder, but it is recommended that you make a backup first. Google Drive and Dropbox are amazing platforms that provide cloud storage services free.

Moving the swsetup folder to a separate drive is also an option.

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