System Service Exception Windows 10 Keeps Restarting

It is always unpleasant to turn on the computer and find a blue screen that shows an error and prevents the computer from starting normally. So in this case, we will discuss the system service exception error and how to fix it to prevent it from causing more trouble.

A blue screen with a System Service Exception error can occur for a number of reasons, including system file corruption; graphics card issues, and outdated or problematic drivers, among other things. Since there is a wide range of possible causes for this problem, let’s see how to fix it in a general way.

Windows 10/8/7. Fix for system service exceptions

Sometimes PC may go on a blue screen even after restarting with the same stop error. This is why some people google “system service exception startup loop”. Also, some people reported this problem: System service exception, Windows 10, keeps restarting.

The PC can switch to the Windows desktop after restart in most cases. But after some time you may face this problem again. In the following sections, we will show you the complete solution to deal with this situation. Of course, if your PC won’t boot, you can try some safe mode methods as well.

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Solution 1: Run a virus check

system_service_exception blue screen error can be caused by viruses or malware. So it is very important to run antivirus software to scan and remove viruses and fix blue screen stop 0x0000003b. Simply download antivirus software from the website. Then run it to check for viruses.

Solution 2: Uninstall a Specific Program

Sometimes stop code system service exception occurs on Windows 10/8/7 after installing a particular app. It is useful to disable or uninstall them.

Do this by going to the following programs:

  • webcam (turn it off)
  • McAfee (Turn it off, don’t uninstall it)
  • Bitdefender and Cisco VPN (Remove)
  • Xsplit and MSI Live Updates
  • virtual clone drive
  • Asus GameFirst Service

Solution 3: Update your drivers

When you receive a blue screen System Service Exception stop code, you must consider incompatible drivers to be the cause of the problem. Windows Updates can keep drivers up to date, but that doesn’t mean Windows always uses the correct and latest drivers.

So the solution is to install the latest drivers. Follow the instructions given below:

Step 1: Press Win and R, enter devmgmt. MSC in the text box of the Run dialog and click OK.

Step 2: After entering the Device Manager interface, look for drivers that have the yellow alert symbol attached. Then right-click on each problem driver to choose Update driver.

Step 3: Let Windows search for updated driver software automatically. Please wait patiently for the process to finish.

Solution 4: Run System File Checker

If there are corrupted system files, a system service exception may occur when starting Windows 10/8/7. The next thing you can do is to run a scan with System File Checker, which is a built-in tool to fix various problems including blue screen of death errors.

Step 1: Enter cmd in the Windows search box.

Step 2: Right-click on Command Prompt to run as administrator.

Step 3: In the CMD window, type sfc /scannow and press Enter.

In the following figure, you can see that this tool is initiating a system scan. Wait a moment and exit cmd after 100% verification is complete.

Solution 5: Check Hard Drive

Problem: Windows 10/8/7 BSOD System Service Exception can occur if your hard drive has some errors. Running CHKDSK at the command prompt can check the file system and fix some issues with some settings

Step 1: Similarly, run Command Prompt as administrator.

Step 2: Type chkdsk /f /r in the CMD window and press Enter.

Step 3: Type Y and restart your PC so that the utility can check for file system errors, find and protect bad sectors.

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Solution 6: Use Windows Troubleshooter

If you’re running Windows 10 Creator Update or later, try using Microsoft’s built-in troubleshooting tools. Like System File Checker, it can also fix various system problems, including BSOD errors such as system_service_exception stop codes.

Here’s how to run the troubleshooter for Windows 10 System Exception Error:

Step 1: Open the Troubleshooting window in one of two ways:

Type troubleshoot in the search box and click on this system setting.

Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.

Step 2: go to the Find, fix other problems section, click, and select Blue screen

Solution 7: Run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Your computer may stop working with a stop error because of a memory issue. Checking RAM can be helpful in fixing System Exception errors in Windows 10/8/7. This is what you should do:

Step 1: Type memory diagnostics in the search box and click to open the application.

Step 2: In the Windows Memory Diagnostic window, click Restart now and check for problems.

Step 3: During the PC restart process; this tool looks for memory problems. Windows will show you the test results. If this tool does not work, run the Memtest86 local boot memory test software.

Solution 8: Run Startup Repair

To fix the service exception error, you can run Startup Repair. In Windows 10, press Shift plus Restart to enter the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE); If Windows cannot start, restart the PC several times when the Windows logo appears. In Windows 7, press F8 upon restart, click Repair your computer to enter WinRE. Then follow the instructions for repair.

Take Win 10 as an example:

Step 1: On the Choose, an options page goes to Troubleshooting.

Step 2: Click on Advanced Options > Startup Repair to fix problems that are preventing the operating system from loading.

After that, restart your PC and it should fix Windows 10 BSOD system exception.

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System Restore

If none of the above fixes has worked, then your last resort is ‘System Restore’. With ‘System Restore, you can roll your Windows back to a point in time where the error did not exist. Looks attractive, doesn’t it?

When you perform a System Restore, you remove some applications and configuration changes that were made recently that may have caused the error. Identifying these applications or settings can be a difficult task, which is why ‘System Restore’ becomes the ideal option now. Also, it does not affect the files stored on your system.

Every time you make a major system change or install a Windows update, a restore point is created automatically so that you can always revert to a previous state in case something goes wrong. You can also create restore points manually.

Now that you have a proper understanding of the concept, it is time to run ‘System Restore’. When choosing a restore point, choose when you first encountered the error. After running ‘System Restore’, the ‘System Service Exception error should be fixed.

Every time you encounter a bug in Windows 10, the world seems to stop. But what users do not know is that most of these BSOD errors are easily fixed. All you have to do is identify the underlying cause and make the right corrections.

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Update methods

Updated 1: Fix System Service Exception

Are you receiving KS? sys BSOD error within system service exception or WhoCrashed showed you this file? This type of BSOD is easy to solve.

After disabling the webcam from Device Manager, the error appears to have been corrected based on feedback from users in the Microsoft community. So if you have a webcam connected to your computer, maybe you should try doing the same.

Update 2: Exception from Repair System Service

According to various experts on Microsoft forums, your Bitdefender antivirus software or some kind of VPN client program could be causing this problem. So, uninstall them and check again! If you are using an Asus laptop, remove the “Asus GameFirst Service” application from your laptop and the error can be resolved.

If none of the above methods can help you solve the problem, you can use Windows System Restore to roll back your PC to a particular previous working point where it is still working fine. This is. Otherwise, resetting your Windows PC will help you deal with this annoying BSOD error.

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