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Warframe is a third-person action game about space ninjas in the future. There’s a plot of sorts about ancient warrior races and how they pull you out of suspended animation, but at least it doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that you play as a space ninja and guide him through a limited number of missions on a limited number of maps, practically forever.

Over time, you unlock a variety of ninja armor and various weapons, abilities, and other skins titled “Warframes.” Or you can just buy them because being a modern free game, you can ignore the time it takes to get good things for the money. The game has been releasing beta versions for PC for a year, with updates arriving every month, cleaning up the user interface, adding new types of missions and enemies, and generally improving it. Warframe also recently arrived on PS4, a free game. I’m writing about this after update number twelve, my third attempt to get involved, and this time I think it’s worth the effort.

Warframe: How to beat Protea Specter

Once players have created their new Zoris, they can equip and compete to fight Protea Spector. There are two phases to this fight, but players should note that she would only bring Protea Specter to life during the second phase. The first stage is against a large horde of enemies that must be eliminated before moving on to the main event.

Stage 1: In this stage, the player is faced with a large number of enemies that can easily overwhelm the player. The only real way to get out of this fight is to charge Zoris and throw him at enemies because he can kill multiple enemies at once.

This means that players will have to kill multiple enemies to charge Zorris. Once fully charged, players can use the secondary fire button to initiate it. The weapon will pounce on two or three enemies and hopefully take them out. To spawn Protea Specter, players must kill three enemies with a charge attack.

Phase 2: After Protea meets Specter, this fight will get infinitely more difficult. Bosses have four fully filled health bars and each one has a shield that must first be destroyed to deal damage. The only way to damage Protea Specter is to use Zoris’s secondary attack.

This means that players must kill the enemies around them to charge it up and then throw it at Zoris as quickly as possible. However, what makes this fight difficult is that if the players aren’t fast enough, Protea Specter will actually regenerate health. On top of that, whenever the boss loses a health bar, he clones himself so players have to fight too. Players just have to charge Zoris and drop him to defeat Protea Specter, and once they do, they will receive a new Warframe.

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The day / night cycle is actually two giant insects fighting each other.

In Deimos, day and night are not determined by sunset or sunrise, but by an endless battle between two giant insects. During the live demo, the “moon” worm, Vom, climbed into the open world, bathing it in cold blue light.

Then all of a sudden, a second giant worm appeared and launched a bolt of energy at its nemesis, destroying it and signaling a change in the day/night cycle. “Locked in an eternal battle, these two giant insects fight for Deimos every day,” explains Ford. “The death of one symbolizes the rise of the other, a war that is destined to repeat itself forever. The blazing orange sun signifies the rise of the infected power for which players must hope to be prepared.”

“The intention is that as the victim reacts to who is in charge, be it blue or orange, he will react differently to her difficulty, and we expect the environment to react as well.”

It’s a clever twist on a feature seen in Warframe’s first open-world arena, Plains of Eidolon. At night, enemies increase in strength, and new monsters appear, forcing lower-level players to hide and opening up new opportunities for the giants.

It sounds somewhat similar, but I have to give Digital Extremes extra points for creativity here. Ford also revealed that Digital Extremes expects players to participate in this fight in future updates.

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What was the appeal of exploring and delving into this faction of the Genesis system?

The Infested has been an ancient part of the Warframe universe, along with the Griner and Corps factions. As players worked their way through our mission and narrative thread, we learned more about the Griner and Corpus culture, their techniques, and their history. Infected people are very nervous in this regard, acting as mysterious factions with unknown origins and motivations, usually not a direct or imposing threat but our curiosity remains.

Heart of Demos content is available very early in the player’s journey, so both new and old will be able to experience this strange and twisted landscape and meet its friendly inhabitants to discover it. Infection.

For veteran Tenno who has already devoted their time to Warframe, it makes important connections to experiences and stories that players have already explored, but it also reveals items relevant to upcoming events. It is. It is. It happens.

The simple answer is: they are factions that didn’t have a platform yet, and that was enough to make people think about it. That felt appropriately attractive and fun to drive. Then Nightwave Season 2 proved that you could tell a compelling story with Infested. When a team entered the conscious component of Empire, we wanted to maintain momentum and a strong foresight and belief that the narrative would work, making infested a free choice. We did several takes; Like a vast landscape within an empty infected tower floating in space, as in Eris, or doing it all as a “natural landscape”. They mixed up and became Deimos.

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Highlights of the Sanctuary update include:

New Warframe

A master of lethal elements, Chroma can change its damage by changing its color.

Face your partner Tenno in PvP 2.0:

Cephalon Capture, try out three new maps, conquering various challenges, and exploring exciting changes to PvP game modes with PvP 2.0. Teshin, your new PvP Guide and Syndicate has appeared at Conclave Relay. While studying under Teshin’s supervision, the association hopes to attend the awards conference.

New Game Mode

Build a team of eight Tenno for the first time and solve mission challenges.

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New Quest – The New Strange

Work with Cephalon Simaris to find the source of the mysterious voice. There’s something there and it’s hunting. Work with Simaris to locate him and discover his true nature.

New Tenno Booster

Load up your arsenal with these powerful new additions: Kohmak – Like the great Kohmak, this pistol doubles its volley with each successive shot; RIPKAS: Knockdown the enemy with these motorized saw fists.

New Broadcasting Room

Explore the sanctuary and visit Cephalon Simaris. Track unique targets to scan across the Solar System in the codecs shared by Tenno, and help unlock exciting new lore and Federation rewards.

New Enemy

Running for quick attacks before falling back into the shadows, Griner Manic is hard to catch and deadly to ignore.

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