How To Turn A Old Satellite Dish Into A TV Antenna

How To Turn A Old Satellite Dish Into A TV Antenna

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Cable subscribers looking for cheaper choices for viewing TV are turning to an HDTV antenna to receive free, over-the-air news, sports, and content. For those who are satellite TV clients (like DirectTV), is it tougher than to cut the cord?

After all, you have already got a dish based on your home. How can you create an outside TV antenna from a satellite dish?

If local recycling isn’t an option, perhaps you are able to whip up some type of makeshift parabolic spy microphone with an old tin can. Or, if you are feeling a little less crazy, you can simply use the old dish to catch a few extra HD channels.

So, to enjoy the benefit of some extra HD channels just read this article at the end and know about How to Turn an Old Satellite Dish into a TV Antenna?

How Does These Things Work?

When a DirectTV dish is no longer capable of receiving satellite signals, it can still be used for other purposes. The concave shape of the dish acts as a “catch-all” for electromagnetic waves and funnels them into the feed section. The feed (the pole-shaped section of the dish that faces inward) catches over air signs.

So, will a satellite dish function as an antenna by itself? No, but it can work in tandem using an easy outdoor antenna to produce potentially impressive outcomes.

What you’ll basically be doing here is using the bowl-shaped DirectTV dish to increase the signal to get an external antenna to grab. In accordance with Interesting Engineering, some do-it-yourselfers have improved the number of free TV stations they receive from about three to more than 40 using this method.

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Things You Need

To convert your conventional satellite dish into a TV antenna, you will need a specific kind of antenna. Everything you’re seeking is an HD antenna with a coaxial connection (the old-school screw-in kind of connector that you use for cable TV and cable internet).

This sort of antenna receives loose, over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts in high-definition. The amount of OTA HD channels you receive depends on your region, but using your dish to catch more signals can greatly increase the antenna’s range.

Now that you know which sort of antenna you’ll need, look for an outdoor model that’s compact enough to mount the feed horn of your DirectTV dish. Ideally, you’ll want to have an antenna that uses a U-bolt for setup so it can be easily fastened to a pole.

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Is House Wiring Suitable As a TV Antenna?

Absolutely not, you cannot use anything in your home as a bracket for your HDTV antenna.

While this article is all about satellite dishes, then you can definitely use the mast that holds your TV satellite dish and the already-installed grounded coax wires to accelerate the procedure for setting up a TV antenna, which can allow you to watch TV channels at no cost.

You may skip several steps that will otherwise be needed if you had to bring the outside TV antenna on its own. The existence of a mounted satellite dish on the roof will in fact be an advantage in regards to getting started with a TV antenna.

Since your home is already wired for a dish on the roof, then you can use the existing coax cable for your antenna, which eliminates the need to cable or repaint the home again.

In addition, the TV satellite dish mounting is currently on the roof at the ideal height for picking up terrestrial television signals.

And since you’re leaving the mounting in place, you won’t have to add some new holes in the roof or run more cables throughout your house.

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How To Turn An Old Satellite Dish Into A TV Antenna

If you locate your HDTV antenna reception is bad using an indoor antenna, then consider adapting your disused satellite dish into an over-the-air TV antenna while at the same time taking advantage of the cables in place. You’ll have to alter the cable links and you might need to adjust the satellite’s direction to receive the best reception.

For the most reliable connection, you’ll need to unscrew the LNB for it. You should then disconnect the satellite cables from the LNB by unscrewing the cable terminals and yanking cables throughout the dish’s arm.

Clip the amplified outdoor satellite dish clip-on TV antenna onto the top of the dish’s rim and then connect the cables you removed from the LNB to the connections onto the antenna that is straightened.

You will notice a set of input and output connectors labeled “In/Out 1“, “In/Out two” etc. Typically, you’ve got four collections. Ignore the inputs since they are related to software for when you would like to retain the use of the dish. Connect all the present wires to the”Outputs.” Often, you will have 2, but connect all of them if there are more.

Switch off the television and disconnect the wire that is running from your receiver to the dish. Connect it to your TV’s input jack, which is usually labeled “antenna.” Then turn on your TV and scan for stations.

Disconnect the cable from the antenna jack and try another cable, if the stations do not come in nicely with the very first cable. Try out each one until you get the very best selection of channels and picture quality. Try unique permutations on the roof too.

After doing these things you successfully turn an old satellite dish into a TV Antenna. If you did anything mistakenly wrong. Then it is better to take professional help.

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TV Setup

Antennas are not complicated, but they require a little elbow grease. Check the antenna’s U-bolt for size compatibility with your dish and fasten it firmly. If you’re feeling more hands-on, try using a little bit of pipe to expand the feed horn.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure the antenna is facing inward, toward the dish. Once secured, point your dish at the closest television broadcast towers, which are probably situated in the closest metropolitan area.

If your dish was installed, the installer ran a coaxial cable from the dish into the house. This cable is what you will be using to connect your new antenna. Screw the coaxial cable on the dish into the antenna’s coax port, then twist the end of the cable that is in your house into the coax port on the back of your HDTV and you’re prepared to channel surf.

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So, now you can take action and turn your old satellite dish into a TV Antenna as you perfectly know about How To Turn An Old Satellite Dish Into A TV Antenna? After reading this article. Remember that you have to follow all the steps carefully and it is better to collect all the required things before.

And if you mistakenly do something wrong, try to fix it. If it is still not fixed then it is better to take help from a professional person.

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