Can You Have Two Wireless Routers In One House On Different Networks

Can You Have Two Wireless Routers In One House On Different Networks

Sure, most are not a problem. This can be moderately beneficial for building one 2.4Ghz and the other 5Ghz, or at least ensuring that their channels do not overlap, but it will be fine even without varying the settings.

Two Wireless Routers In One House On Different Networks

Configuring Two Wireless Routers In One House On Different Networks

Yes, it is possible…

Originally for shared use subnet router # 1 is connected to modem and protected subnet router # 2 is connected to router # 1

Each router has a default route and no static route which then forces all outbound traffic to router # 1

Away from modem and router #2. Without root, subnet # 1 cannot access subnet # 2


Modem ==== (WAN) router [B] # 1 [/ B] (LAN # 1) —– (WAN) router [B] # 2 [/ B] (LAN port) – – – Private system



Shared access system

You can use WiFi or on both routers; Just set different SSIDs, channels and encryption codes

When setting the configuration (both), be sure to set a new password that will eliminate Internet access to the settings!

Run router # 1 first and test internet access, then go to router # 2

* Caution * Always change router configuration using wired connections only!

On router # 1

  • Specifically set the router address to

Which acts as a router to which router you are connected

  • Set DHCP Range to 2-10
  • Save settings
  • Now setup any WiFi changes implemented
  • And change admin password
  • When you save this time, the router will restart and you will loose the connection

 On router # 2

  • Specifically set the router address to
  • Re-set the DHCP range to 2-10
  • Set the WAN address to (note that this router is above # 1 item (b))
  • Set MASK to
  • Set the gateway to
  • Set DNS to
  • Save settings due to router address change (which will probably leave your connection)

Just reconnect and continue

  • Set wifi settings
  • Change admin password and save again

Test router # 2: connection with browser. Good results prove that you are getting proper routing through router # 1 and that any DNS requests are being resolved.

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Now Test The Isolation; Connect a System To Both Routers

From a system connected to router # 2

Ping (must succeed)

Ping (must succeed)

Ping (must fail)

From a system connected to router # 1

Ping (must succeed)

Ping (must succeed)

Ping (must fail)

Ping (must fail)

Can You Have 2 Routers In One House

Yes, it is possible to use two (or even more) two cylinders on the same home network. Advantages of a dual-router network include:

Wired Wire Toolkit

If your first router is a wireless Ethernet type, it supports a limited number of connected devices (typically just four or five). A second router provides a more open Ethernet port that allows additional computers to be integrated into the network.

Support For Mixed Wireless and Wireless Network

If you have a wired home network and want to connect some Wi-Fi devices as well, install the wireless router because the other router allows to connect those devices while the rest of the network resides on Ethernet. On the other hand, a second router also helps when most home buyers are wireless, but some Ethernet devices (such as game consoles, and file sharing servers) in a room can benefit obtained from a wired setup.

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Improved Wireless Access (Signal Range)

Adding a second wireless router to an existing Wi-Fi network can extend its reach to take devices pretty far away.

Network Remote

If you use a network connection between some computers (such as large file transfers often, or a gaming LAN), setting up those computers to run from one router will affect that network traffic to the other router and devices connected with it. Banning from.

Can I use two routers?

If you have one of the following issues, it may be necessary to integrate several routers:

  • Your internet provider has given you a modem/router (one in two) and you want to connect a new router.
  • You want to increase the amount of Ethernet port in your network (not convert)
  •  You want to expand the range of wireless signals in your home (using 2 routers as access point)

Can You Have Two Wireless Routers In One House On Different Networks 1

Step1: DO NOT connect the routers together until these settings are changed.

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Step 1
Step 2

Step 2: Connect a cable from the LAN port (1,2,3,4) on your main router to the LAN port (1,2,3,4) on your new router.

Two Routers On Different Network
Two Routers

The situation is now ready. If you now want to configure wireless options on your “new” router, visit:

Many new routers are integrating WDS or wireless smart services to create multiple access points with one name on a single network.

If your previous routers do not support WDS, you can manually create a WDS setups using these simple steps

Route 1

Set this router to default. In the router’s wireless security options, disable automatic channel selection and manually switch to channel 3.

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Route 2

In most cases, this router must be sent to the original route. Consider running one network cable over a wireless media bridge or in this case another.

Turn off the DHCP server on this router to stop IP conflicts or network configuration issues allowing only router 1 to manage the network.

Manually set this router’s IP address to 1 number higher than the current main router, for example, if your router’s IP is, set this router to Please check that this address is out of allocation for 1 router for DHCP transmission. If not, please save DHCP for this router address in DHCP router 1 table.

Set router 2 Internet Gateway to Router 1 IP Address.

Connect the two routers to any port 1-4 in the router using a wireless connection from any port 1-4 in router 1. You can use a wireless media bridge or Powerline Ethernet package to make a wireless connection. Do not use WAN router 2 port.

In the wireless security options of this route, disable automatic channel selection and manually switch the channel to channel 8 – or any other channel not used by the main router or any other router on this network (from two It is possible to install more routers for very large domains).

Set wireless security to be the same in router 2 as it is in router 1.

This will now give you two identical access points working in harmony on both sides of your home to form a single distributed network.


Finally, there may be several reasons for having two routers on your home network.

Remember that the router is in charge and the network does not know the network, but the router usually has to disagree. In addition, you can tell your friends that you have a new technological recycling hobby!

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