Can I Use A 24V Transformer On A 16V Doorbell

Can I Use A 24v Transformer On A 16v Doorbell- Know Reasons

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You just have bought a doorbell for yourself. But you are still confused about how to choose the right transformer for it? Well, no worries. Most people face the same issue after they have bought the doorbell and they ask can I use a 24 v transformer on a 16v doorbell.

This is common. But do you want to know will it be safe if you do so? Today, we are going to know if can you Use A 24v Transformer On A 16v Doorbell. So, let’s get started

What Is Doorbell Transformer And Why Use a Doorbell??

In the house, the normal voltage for most of the household items is 120 Volts. However, there is some electrical appliance which needs more than 120 volts. For example, the electric clothes dryers require 240 volts which is double the normal voltage.

Whereas, the doorbells are small in size and require very little voltage to operate and active the chime. This is where you need a doorbell transformer which helps in converting high voltage into low voltage.

It is a device that converts the line voltage into a low voltage so that the doorbell can easily use it without getting damaged. The primary purpose of the doorbell transformer is to keep the weird doorbells powered at the correct voltage for the optimum level.

The current flows from the poles to the home with a high voltage. But when there is a transformer in the middle of the path of the doorbell. The current will have to pass through a system of wiring that is wound and twisted around an iron core.

This is where the high voltage is converted into a low voltage and your doorbell remains safe. So, now you understood why you should use a 16-24v doorbell transformer.

Now it’s time to know about the different types of doorbell transformer that is available in the market.

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What Are The Types of Doorbell Transformers?

There are two coils in the transformer of the doorbell. The primary and the secondary coil.

The primary coils take the home’s 120 volts supply and the secondary coils or winding takes the lower voltages like 8volt, 6 volts, or 10 volts. There are the following types of the 16-24v doorbell transformer.

Fixed-Voltage Doorbell Transformer

A fixed-voltage doorbell transformer is a step-down transformer that can convert the 120 volts to any voltage that is required.

The transformer has a fixed voltage which is converted downed 6,8,10, or 12 volts.

Center-Tapped Doorbell Transformers

Center-tapped doorbell transformers are quite good in terms of the doorbells. There provide a dual voltage output. This output can 4 and 8, 5 and 10, 6 and 12, this transformer. You can use a 5,6,7, or 8 volts transformer for a 6-volt doorbell. Any doorbell can be operated well at the plus or the minus one voltage from its rated voltage.

Multiple-Tapped Doorbell Transformers

These doorbell transfers are considered to be the best transformer for the doorbell. The reason behind it is they can provide several different voltages. So, you can use it for any doorbell that you want.

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How does the 16-24v doorbell chime work?

The working of the 16-24v doorbell chime is quite simple. The electric current passes through the doorbell chime and initiates the piston. There is also an electromagnet through which the current passes. When the current flows through it the piston hits the metal which produces the sound that we all have heard.

Can I Use A 24v Transformer On A 16v Doorbell?

Most of the electrical appliance is designed in such a manner that they can be operated with plus or minus one volt than the rated voltage.

In the case of the doorbells, you can use operate them with 20% extra or less than the rated voltage. So, in the case of the 16-volt doorbell, you can use 3.2 volts less or more. If you have a higher voltage transformer then better to check it is not more than 19.2 volts.

So, the 24-volt transformer is not advisable to use for a 16v volt doorbell. You must have a 16v transformer to get the best performance you want.

The reason why a 24-volt transformer is not good or a 16-volt doorbell is doorbell transformer voltage too high. This may work well for the first few days but continue using the high voltage is ultimately going to damage it.

Also, if you do so, the doorbell is going to sound louder than it should be. Now, the voltage is high than normal. So, the piston hit it hard and faster. This will make a problem of louder noise. The only way which we recommend for your question Can I Use A 24v Transformer On A 16v Doorbell is to use resistors. wire-wound resistors

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What is a wire-wound resistor and how to use it for the doorbells?

Although it is not advisable to use a 24-volt transformer for a 16-volt doorbell if you want to use it and already have bought it then and you can use wire-wound resistors.

The main reason for using a wire-wound resistor is that it does not change the sound of the doorbell and keeps it normal even. If you are using a 24 volts transformer for your doorbell.

All you need to do is connect this register in the series with one of the wires. Now, the resistor will stop the flow of the current in the wire and the doorbell will receive only 16 volts as per the requirement.

So you can keep your doorbell safe and use it with the best sound that it should provide. Now, I hope you are clear with “Can I Use A 24v Transformer On A 16v Doorbell”.

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Electrical Safety Required

Although you are working with doorbells and low voltage you do not feel to follow many safety rules with electricity but we confirm to keep yourself secure.

so make sure you are using all the safety measures with electricity so that you do not hurt yourself. you should verify the voltage and turn off all the electricity to the circuit before you proceed with the work.

Use a voltmeter or device which can determine the voltage of a circuit and use it to check the voltage that is being supplied.

For example, we are working with the dead transformer then the voltage checker or voltage meter will show the same voltage that is being supplied to the hand that is 120 volts the reason is that no voltage is being used by the transformer and the overrule voltage is passed through the voltage meter.

Also if you are not confirming that you can handle it yourself then call a professional licensed electrician for help. Or find a family member or a friend who was more experienced than you in the field of electrical circuits to help you.

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Frequently Asked Question of Use A 24v Transformer On A 16v Doorbell

What are the benefits of a video doorbell?

there are so many benefits of using every do your well that is you can see who is that the door speaks to the visitor without opening the door track the visitor that is coming your way or you can get a clear vision of and see more security for your home.

Are doorbell cameras effective?

Doorbell cameras are so effective not just for you but also for the neighborhood. As if there is something wrong then your camera will be there to record. Doorbell cameras also help to keep your home as you will get to know who is at the door and also you can keep more security for your home.

Can I use a 16v transformer on a 10v doorbell?

A 16-volt transformer is also not a good for 10-volt doorbell as the doorbell transformer voltage too high. So to avoid any issue you should use wire-wound resistors.


According to, the door when she uses the direct current that is DC to operate.

The operated on a low voltage and this is why it is advisable to use the same rated voltage or plus one or minus one voltage for doorbells.

So I hope understood “Can I Use A 24v Transformer On A 16v Doorbell”. And now I want to know what are your views on this So do comment.

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