Vizio sb3821 c6 Review

Vizio sb3821 c6 Review

Founded in 2002 by Taiwanese American William Wang Originally V. Inc., but switched to Visio in 2007. It produces a wide range of televisions, along with televisions, computer systems, laptops, and other electrical products. In its short history, it has established itself as a major player in the audio market.

The company likes to be aggressive with its marketing techniques, especially against well-known competitors. In such a short existence, he has lost his part. It involves litigation and procurement efforts, but they are still here. It is not up to us to comment; We are going to review only one audio product. In that capacity, we are happy to do so.

They are located in California and have another American hub in South Dakota, which serves as a call center. Its products are manufactured in China and Mexico.

For those who have not used or heard the soundbar in action, the results are very surprising. When combined with a subwoofer, they take your film and television experience to another level. They make your TV audio like a completely different system. This is the effect of the soundbar with a subwoofer.

Whether on the floor or on the wall, sound propagation enhances the entire experience. The subwoofer provides depth and low frequencies and soundbars that provide a mid and high range. The quality of the sound produced is worth considering.

Vizio sb3821 c6 Review
Vizio sb3821 c6 Review

Construction and design of vizio sb3821 c6 Review

While other soundbar manufacturers go for a more eye-catching, sleeker, futuristic design, the Vijeo soundbar sticks to the old cubic shape, which is clean and practical. The design is clean and simple with a black grille and panel.

The side panel has a smooth brushed aluminum texture for the finish, separating the bottom, top, and sides.

The sleek yet simple design maintains a low profile, making it easy for the soundbar to blend into any type of environment where you mount it.

The soundbar measures 3 by 3 by 38 inches and weighs 6 pounds and is made of solid wood, which, despite being a cheaper model, makes the build quality feel stable, durable, and expensive.

Vizio sb3821 c6 Review
Vizio sb3821 c6 Review

Wireless subwoofer

No, not the sound a dog makes…. pick it up…. Woof? Any way it goes fast. A wireless subwoofer literally means a wireless speaker. That’s right, there is no cable to connect to this speaker and they are unsightly on your TV.

The ‘subwoofer’ aspect means it will produce a higher, richer, and higher quality sound level.

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Audio quality

What really buys a soundbar is clearly the overall sound quality. You always want to have the best possible quality on the market, and with the Vijeo sb3821-c6, we are confident that you will achieve it, even if the price is under $ 200 all the time. You have that crystal clear sound that will give you the voice you need.

And the fact is, you don’t have to worry about any issues with this sound that look different with every harmonic distortion and no less impressive each time.

In addition, they are also incorporating Dolby’s digital decoding. We found it to be definitely in soundbars that want to offer a premium price. And we believe that you arrive here without any worries. It also added DTS and DTS TruVolume audio post-processing.

These types of things can be incredibly important and we think they work very well with experience. To make things better, the processing speed is excellent and there were no gaps with the audio.

Depending on the strength of the signal, the subwoofer will lag slightly at times. The unit itself is fine, but if you want to use a subwoofer, the signal strength from your device will affect the audio quality. Otherwise, it is more than fine.


We have already referred to the controls. They are located behind the soundbar. There is a soundbar only three inches long. Control conditions are increasingly difficult because space is at a premium. They are placed on the back. Weird if the soundbar is placed on the ground Very strange if you choose to mount it on the wall.

The unit comes with remote control, so that’s probably how the design is. However, it is not easy to use manually.

The controls themselves are easy to use. There are optical and coaxial inputs that connect the speaker to its source. It also has a 3.5 and USB socket.

The subwoofer is wireless, so there are no cables all over the floor. Afterward, the controls are basic as there is not much to add or worry about. The location on the soundbar is too low to be desired, but it is for using the included remote control.

Vizio sb3821 c6 Review
Vizio sb3821 c6 Review

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DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume

TruSurround is actually designed to provide realistic, immersive surround sound on the soundbar.

It is specifically designed to provide highly detailed surround audio without the help of additional satellite speakers.

This feature allows you to set the system volume only once. It is built with the ability to provide a constant volume level for all your audio devices.

This feature will allow you to fully enjoy your listening experience; you will not have to adjust the volume level even during announcements.


We like the fact that it has a USB port, stereo RCA, optical and coaxial digital inputs, as well as an audio jack. It looks like a really great starter product and as long as it’s HDMI it still gives you the property of connectivity without compromising. Just consider giving it a try and you will see that it offers you what you want on many fronts.


Originally for a 2.1 system, the VIZIO SB3821-C6 works very well. Those two drivers do a good job covering the high and middle parts of the frequency range, while the 5 ° woofer takes care of the rest. Naturally, since the woofer is smaller than the average, it does not go as deep at low frequencies.

Better to see it at 50Hz. Thanks to all of Dolby’s work, the dialogue in the films seems very clear. It can also make the character sound like a whisper, while the sudden low-pitched noise is handled fairly well.

When you turn on some music, you will really feel the lack of bass and the overall range of this system. However, compared to most of its direct competitors, the VIZIO SB3821-C6 offers a well-balanced performance that justifies its reputation. The inexpensive soundbar system really can’t be better than this.

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Vizio sb3821 c6 Review
Pro’s Con’s
Has plug and play It lacks HDMI
Great price point
Has an external subwoofer
Easy to Setup and Use

Boxing and setup

In addition to the Bluetooth link, the Vizio sb3821 c6 38 2.1 soundbar system includes a USB interface, a pair of analog and digital inputs, RCA stereo, RCA Plus plus 3.5mm stereo, and a Toslink optical input. In addition, there are 3.55 connectors and an HDMI connection.

Plus, it will come with a composite cable, power cord, quick start guide, and two rechargeable remote control batteries.

You will find a simple and lightweight remote control in the package that allows you to control important tasks; Equalizer, Bluetooth, Volume, and Power.

These controls appear with this soundbar which is useful in case you remove the remote control. There are also manual controllers located behind this soundbar.

Installation of this soundbar is simple. All you have to do is plug the soundbar into power and connect the cable or optical cable to the sound source, put it on the equalizer, and go, and you’re done.

You have several mounting options; If you want, you can mount it on the wall, then place it on the table or just place it on the floor.

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Offers and discounts

The VIZIO SB3821-C6 2.1 Soundbar can be purchased at major electronics stores and outlets. However, Amazon is the preferred means of obtaining online auction sites, when doing so; Customers are entitled to deep discounts that relieve them of any unnecessary financial hardship. Through Parable, customers who want to use the Amazon auction site can purchase a 12% discount for $ 179.00 instead of $ 179.00.

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If you want to fill your home with the best high-quality surround sound experience, the VIZIO SB3821-C6 soundbar speaker system is the best you can get.

You can enjoy the best listening experience from your 38” TV, be it music or movies.

The crystal clear sound produced by this speaker system will make you love the film till the end. At its cost, quality can never be better than this. Go to and you will find that most people who bought it gave it a five-star rating.

Vizio sb3821 c6 Review
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