What Does Hide Alerts Mean On iPhone?

What Does Hide Alerts Mean On iPhone?

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Customizing settings and notifications are important once you are attempting to maximize your iPhone work and experience. If you are given a whole lot of text messages, especially from a single or a couple of special discussions, then you could be interested in learning exactly What Does Hide Alerts Mean On iPhone?

Have you ever been researching and experimenting with all the menus and choices on your iPhone’s Messages program and discovered a setting called “Hide Alerts?”

What Does Hide Alerts Mean On IPhone?

Mobile device distractions can be productivity killers. 1 diversion that is particularly unwelcome is being included in a group conversation that you don’t want to be involved in, and getting notification after telling every time a group member chimes in.

Hide Alerts (formerly Don’t Disturb) prevents each and every notification from appearing in your iPhone device every time when a new message has been received on the message box and not only messages but also hides notifications too.

This really is a cool solution for your own text message talks that allows you to mute the alarms and notifications, which you would normally receive when you receive a brand new text message.

The alarms it hides comprise any alarms, which would pop up to the dialogue, in addition to any sound that would perform to signify that the coming of a brand new message. This is particularly helpful for conversations when you are very busy, such as those from a set text message dialog.

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Is Hide Alerts Function Useful?

Perhaps it doesn’t appear to be a major deal but turning off your telephone notifications can cause you to be safer and more effective. There are a lot of reasons for it when you only want to focus on one thing and not on your mobile phone notifications.

  • You’re able to conceal private info: We are not talking about sensitive correspondence or photos. You need to contemplate company texts or emails intended for your eyes only. All of us have the right to electronic privacy. Messages coming to your iPhone ought to be read by you and you just. And what if you are arranging a surprise celebration for a friend along with a message relating to this popping up on your own mobile phone? If anybody else sees it, then you would have destroyed a fantastic surprise. And there are also many situations when you don’t want any notifications.
  • It’s possible to protect your PIN: If you are signing into any internet account with two-factor authentication, then you are going to be receiving your PIN on your iPhone. Those PINs become vulnerable to hackers because they look like alarms on your smartphone. So in that case also need to Hide Alerts.
  • You’re able to stay away from distractions: With your smartphone always buzzing with alarms, it is unsurprising for those who find it hard to avoid looking every once in a while. In addition, when you are working on an important project and your phone notification sound rings then you may be distracted. So while doing any important thing you need this Hide Alerts function to focus on your work and not on messages and notifications.

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Is It Good To Always Use “Hide Alerts” function?

Of course, notifications are not all bad news. In fact, they can be really useful to help you keep your life on track. If you know that you will get any message or alert from your friends and family about anything special then you don’t have to use this function. It all depends upon your use and wants.

What we have to learn is to hide the messages appearing on our phones. Are most of them important? Alternatively, can you live without some? The first step is to check how many notifications you are usually getting, and who has been sending them. So use this function only when you are doing any important work and when you don’t want any disturbance from your iPhone.

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How To Hide Alerts On iPhone?

The steps of Hiding Alerts for a specific person or a group are very much easy. If you want to do it, just follow the below-given steps and then do it. You will not get any notifications and alerts from that person or group of people, but you will be able to see the messages by manually opening the chat.

  • Firstly, open the messaging app on your iPhone.
  • Then you have to select the chat or person contact for which you want to hide alerts and messages and then just swipe to the left.
  • Then you will see two options and one of them will be “Hide Alerts” simply click on it.
  • All Done! Now you will not get any notifications and alerts from that person.

And if you want to stop the Hide Alert function then again you have to go to the Messages app and again swipe to the left on that contact for which the Hide Alert option is on. Then just click on the Show Alert option and you are all done.

How To Hide Every Notification and Alerts From Lock Screen?

When your iPhone is locked, it is annoying that those notifications are coming in, right? In that case, anyone can read your personal messages.

Luckily, there is a way to hide text messages and email telling previews in the lock display. And yes, there is a way to hide texts and messages coming in from particular phone numbers.

The Way to hide every notifications and alarm on the Lock Screen:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Visit Notifications
  • Click on Preview at the Peak of the display
  • Select When Unlocked option there
  • All done! Now your phone didn’t show any notification and alerts on your lock screen.

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Security Problem

It does not signify that the message or alert is gone once you hide any notifications. You will still receive these messages when you enter a specific app or your own iMessage.

For instance, new texts on your iMessage will still appear in chronological order. And when you start individual apps, these alerts should nonetheless be on the telling tab.

When you conceal your notifications, not just are you creating yourself free from constant distractions but you are also preventing a potential security hazard.

Perhaps you even use your mobile phone over your personal computer, which makes it more valuable yet raises its vulnerability. You can make the security of your phone stronger by just hiding messages and alerts of those people from which you got some personal messages or you can hide notifications from your screen lock so that no one can see it.

Customizing Notifications

If you wish to understand how to customize notifications, then you have to decide on which programs you need to get them from. For this, you have to learn about different kinds of notifications.

You can customize where your alarms would appear on your own iPhone:

  • Lock Display – These alarms can be viewed by anyone who sees the lock display because you don’t have to unlock your mobile phone to watch them.
  • Notification Center – All of your alarms are compiled and concentrated utilizing this attribute.
  • Temporary – All these are observable for a few minutes, and then vanish by themselves.

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Now you know all the things about customizing and Hiding the notifications and alert messages of your iPhone device. Well, no matter which iPhone you have because these methods will work on every iPhone whether it is iPhone X or iPhone 12. So don’t worry about it.

Also, always remember to deactivate the Hide Alerts function for the contact in which you are using this function. Because then you will not be notified and alert from that person. So, use this function carefully and share this article with your friends, so that they can also focus on their work while working on important projects.

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