What is SATA Cable_ Which is the Best SATA Cable for SSD

If you have taken a new computer system and now you are in tension about its storage, which storage drive you should take, then we are going to give complete information about the best storage drive SSD to remove this tension.

Many of you will also have a lot of information about SSD, if not, then today we will give you complete information about it as well as tell which SSD you should take.

What is an SSD?

If you do not have any information about SSD, then let us tell you that the full form of SSD is (Solid State Drive).

An SSD is a memory device just like a pen drive. You just get a little more space in it and at the same time, it is a slightly sophisticated device. You do not get any moving part in the SSD, its data is stored in a microchip.

In this, a hard disk has a mechanical arm in which the read/write head is used, with the help of which the information is read from the correct location to the storage platter. Friends, this one difference makes an SSD the fastest.

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How many types of SSD are there?

There are two types of SSD, Expansion SSD and Portable SSD –

Expansion SSD: – If you work in a field where a Hard Drive is Highly Demanding like – Video editing etc., then friends, Expansion SSD gives you all the fun of high speed.

Portable SSD:– If you want to be able to carry a Portfolio with you anywhere, then a Portable SSD offers Versatility Expense at the cost of Speed.

What is the use of an SSD?

The Form Factor of an SSD is the same as that of a regular hard drive. There are several standard sizes of SSD such as 1.8″, 2.5″, and 3.5″ sizes which fit into the housing and connectors very easily. For their standard size, SATA is used as a connector.

Apart from this, you also get to see Mini SATA in it, which is quite small in size. That’s why we also call Mini SATA (mSATA) and it can be installed very easily in Mini- PCI Express Slot, which can also be used on your laptop.

You find an SSD a little expensive compared to other drives but it gives you very good performance.

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Now we are going to tell you about many more features of SSD –

  • Magnetism Affected:- Friends, SSD is also safe from Magnetism Effect.
  • File Opening Speed: – Friends, the file of the SSD opens 30% faster than the file of HDD.
  • Encryption:- Friends SSD has Full Drive Encryption (FDE).
  • File Copy / Write Speed ​​:- Friends, the speed of copying in SSD is generally from 200 MB / s to 550 MB / s.
  • Failure Rate:- Friends SSD has Mean Time Between Failure Rate 2.0 Million Hours.
  • Heat Produced:- Friends, as we know that SSD does not have any moving parts, due to this it consumes very little power, so this heat is also very less.
  • Vibration:- Friends, there is no Vibration because there is no moving part in the SSD.
  • Noise: – Friends, there is no sound and there is no noise because there is no moving part in it.
  • Operating System Boot Time:- And friends, the average bootup time of an SSD is 12 to 13 Seconds.
  • Capacity:- Friends, as we told you that SSD is a bit expensive, so high capacity storage is not made in it.
  • Power Draw / Battery life:- SSD uses less power, so its average is 2 to 3 watts, due to which it gives 30+ minutes of a battery boost.

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Keep these important things in mind before buying an SSD –

  • You get to see many types of SSD like – 2.5 Inch SSD and M.2 SSD M.2 SSD is much thinner and smaller than 2.5 inch SSD.
  • Apart from this, you also get to see mSATA SSD and U.2 SSD but both of them are very expensive and not very popular. That’s why we will talk about only two types of SSD: 2.5 inch SSD and M.2 SSD.
  • Now what you have to do is check whether your computer or laptop has an M.2 slide in the motherboard or not.
  • For this, you can open your computer or laptop and see. You can refer to the manual and also call customer care and inquire.
  • With M.2 SSD, you will have the advantage that your hard disk will remain in your laptop or computer and you will also be able to install the SSD. But when it is not in your computer or laptop, then you will have to remove the hard disk i.e. HDD, and install the SSD. On the other hand, you will also have to see the ports of the SSD in it.
  • Basically, you get to see two types of ports in it, SATA and PCIe, which is a 2.5 inch SSD, you will get to see the ports in which you will see SATA and in the M.2, you get to see both SATA and PCIe.
  • The 2.5-inch SSD, which has SATA, has a speed of up to 550MB / s, but due to the presence of both ports in PCIe, its speed goes from 550MB / s to 3000MB / s.

I hope you must have understood that the SATA which is in 2.5 is cheaper and the SATA which is in M.2 is cheaper and its speed is also less and the PCI which is there it would be a bit expensive But its speed is very high.

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What is SATA?

The full form of SATA is “Serial Advanced Technology Attachment”. It is also eaten by “Serial ATA”. It is used to connect ATA Hard Drives with the motherboard inside the computer.

The transfer rate of SATA is very fast. It goes up to 150 Mbps which is very fast. Apart from this, 100 Mbps hard drives are also something new. This is the reason that the Parallel ATA (PATA) running in the market since 1980 was overtaken by SATA and replaced.

The interface of SATA is very advanced as compared to PATA. Where there was no independent bus system inside PATA, it is quite the opposite. There is an independent bus system inside SATA that works for all types of competition.

And the drivers are able to perform well. Where PATA uses thick cables, they use them. The smaller thinner cables are used inside the same SATA. Due to which the airflow of data inside the computer becomes very good.

In the earlier times, when manufacturers were designing the inner layout of the computer, they used to have a lot of problems, after the introduction of SATA, this problem also ended. Because where the length of the PATA cables was up to 40cm, the length of the SATA cables is up to 1 Meter.

The electromagnetic interface inside SATA is also very useful. Because PATA used to use 40 conductors. The same SATA uses only and only 7 conductors. Here we are giving you the list of the best SATA cables for SSD, which will be best for you.

Best SATA Cable For SSD:-

  2. Cable Matters Right SATA III
  3. Monoprice 90-Degree SATA III Cable
  4. StarTech Right-Angled SATA Cable
  5. BENFEI Right Angle SATA III Cable
  6. Cable Matters SATA III
  7. Inateck SATA Cable
  8. Reaper-Lines Right SATA III Cable
  10. Cable Creation SATA III Cable

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Keeping all the above things in mind, it is clearly visible to us that SATA is better than PATA in every way. So now we can say that if you ever go to get a computer, always choose SATA cables.

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