What To Do When One Airpod Is Not Charging

What To Do When One Airpod Is Not Charging, Clearly, AirPods have done a lot in the tech market. Since its first appearance in 2016.

A lot of people went from regular headphones to these handy little headphones. They have also become very popular for a reason due to their convenience and practicality. They come with an AirPods case, which is also a charging case that makes it as efficient as possible.

But like any other electronic device, AirPods have some flaws that seem to be a problem for many users.

One of the most common complaints the Apple Store has received is that the AirPods are not charging. Several users have reported this issue, hopefully, this is what happened.

The problem is that when you put your AirPods inside the charging case, the right earbud will charge and the left earbud won’t charge, or vice versa. So the problem is with the AirPods charging case or earphone, somehow it won’t charge properly.

Although Apple is one of the world-famous and best-selling brands, they had some problems with the AirPods.

In this article, we will show all the possible solutions and explain all the necessary steps that you can take to fix your AirPods charging problem.

What To Do When One Airpod Is Not Charging
What To Do When One Airpod Is Not Charging

Before you start

Before solving the problem, you need to know the root cause of the problem and the problem. What I mean by this is that you have to make sure there is a case for the AirPods not charging and vice versa.

Some people have also had problems with their AirPods because they end up breaking them and then they get confused because their case does not work. So a simple way to check if your case is loading is:

·       Open the lid of your case with the AirPods inside

·       Keep the case close to your iPhone

·       Wait a few seconds and you will see the battery status as shown above

·       Now, connect the charger to the case and check if it is charging

What To Do When One Airpod Is Not Charging
What To Do When One Airpod Is Not Charging

Why won’t my AirPod case charged?

There may be times when you have charged your AirPods case up to 100%, but still, your AirPods are not charging. One of the most common reasons your AirPods won’t charge is that dust and dirt can get trapped inside the case, blocking the charging port. The easiest way is to clean them.

Another reason why your AirPods won’t charge may be due to a software issue that needs to be updated. A factory reset might be the solution.

Let’s take a look at a few more ways to repair AirPods charging case: –

What To Do When One Airpod Is Not Charging
What To Do When One Airpod Is Not Charging

Check power source.

It is imperative that you check the power source where you normally connect your charger. It sounds basic, but most of the time, the simplest things can be overlooked.

When checking the power source, you’ll want to focus your attention on the outlet where you connect the charger. If the outlet is faulty, science tells us that power won’t transfer to charge your AirPods.

Try connecting another device to check if the power supply works. Also, try plugging it in to your location or another outlet near your current location that you know of.

If you find that the AirPods charge when plugged into another outlet, you can assume that it is due to a faulty outlet. You will want to get a new power strip or call your electrician to have it checked.

Reset Your AirPods Case

Remember how we assumed it could be a software problem? Even if the problem isn’t with the cable or charger, you can try resetting your case to see if that helps.

To reset it, locate the Settings button on the back of the AirPods case. Press and hold the button for 15 seconds, until the light turns amber and white. The case should now be back to its default state and you can try charging it again.

Clean your AirPods

If this trick works, it’s not necessary, but if your AirPods aren’t clean, they’re not working properly. Make sure both AirPods are clean, as dust and dirt can accumulate on the speaker and cause an accident.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or damp cleaning wipe to gently clean your AirPods. Avoid using water as it can accidentally damage your AirPods.

Charging Cable Test

The first possibility is that the charging cable is faulty and not providing enough power. So your right AirPod is not charging.

You should always use the original cable to charge the case. It is recommended to use an iPad or iPhone charger. You must use the original charging cable manufactured by Apple.

A third-class or third-class charger can cause this problem. The easiest way to test the charger is to use it with another Apple device.

Another trick is to use a new or different charger to charge the AirPods case. Alternatively, connect the charging case to the MacBook.

What To Do When One Airpod Is Not Charging
What To Do When One Airpod Is Not Charging

Update Your AirPods Firmware

This is a very unusual solution and only applies if it’s been a while since you’ve connected your AirPods to a device like your iPhone or iPad.

The AirPods firmware updates automatically rather than being installed by users. However, if it’s been a few months since you’ve used your AirPods, you might have missed an update. To request an update, please follow the steps below:

·       Keep your AirPods in their case.

·       Connect the AirPods charging case to a power source.

·       Pair the iPhone or iPad with AirPods in the charging case and make sure your iPhone or iPad has an Internet connection.

After some time, all available software updates should be installed automatically. Check if your AirPods are now charging normally. If not, you can also try resetting the AirPods.

Take it to the apple store

Finally, if none of the 4 fixes and your AirPod case suddenly stopped working, it might be time to head over to the Apple Store and see what a genius tells you.

These problems are more common than people think so they may know how to fix it or you can get a new replacement as long as it is under warranty.

And it is. We hope this article helps you fix your AirPods case before heading to your nearest Apple Store and leaving a comment or suggestion if you have anything else to add.


What To Do When One Airpod Is Not Charging, Most of the AirPods users complain about the charging issue. Battery life is usually 5 hours while listening to music. This is reduced to 2 hours during the call.

So you should know beforehand whether your newly purchased AirPods are working fine or not. If battery life is less than the time mentioned, contact Apple.

This way, you can get a free and timely replacement. Apart from this, you should also take care of your AirPods. Keep all components clean and tidy, protect them from water, and charge in time.

If you don’t fully charge the AirPods, it can affect their efficiency. In this way, you can extend the life of your device.

What To Do When One Airpod Is Not Charging

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