Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive

Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive, Even if you’ve never played a video game in your life, you probably know Nintendo. Their latest console, the Nintendo Switch, is a hybrid console that can be docked to your TV or on the go, but it’s definitely Nintendo.

It goes even further when you look at the games. Nintendo’s own titles are surprisingly from Nintendo, filled with the same characters we’ve been introduced to many times before. They are also AAA quality, in Nintendo terminology, no day patch.

Yes, it’s a dedication to quality across the board, and all Nintendo characters receive the same special treatment. Although it costs more, why are games always so expensive? Doesn’t the economy of scale kick in at some point?

Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive
Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive

Why Is Nintendo Switch So Expensive?

There are many reasons for so costly Nintendo switch game. below I try to explain some main reasons for Nintendo price.

  • Supply and demand
  • Diverse Video Game Franchises and Fanbases
  • Constant Innovation
  • Prevents Piracy
  • Third-Party Sales
  • Worth The Cost
Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive
Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive

Why are those Nintendo Switch games so expensive?

Nintendo loves game cartridges, only to be distracted by them on some consoles. They are also expensive to manufacture, which keeps the price high.

Second reason? Nintendo has a completely captive audience. Where else are you going to play games from the Pokémon series? Nowhere, that’s the place and Nintendo knows that as long as they deliver quality, you’ll keep coming back.

Nintendo doesn’t want you to buy physical games either, so the company keeps its digital versions at the same price. Who knows, but we know Nintendo will always get away with it. The console landscape is littered with companies that didn’t take Nintendo’s innovation seriously enough, so they may have been right from the start.

Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive
Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive

Is the Nintendo Switch worth it?

The bottom line is this: If you’re already a Nintendo fan, the Switch is definitely a must-buy. If you’re a casual gamer, the Switch is likely to be a good investment, as you can use it for both your home console and a handheld console without having to buy two separate devices.

Will Nintendo lower the price? When asked whether there would be a price drop for the original Switch, which still cost the same $300 in April 2017, a Nintendo representative said, “No. The Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch systems cost the same.”

Why is the Nintendo eShop so expensive? Offer and demand. The most basic answer to the question “why are Nintendo Switch games so expensive” is “because they can be”. The answer is probably that people buy Nintendo consoles for their own Nintendo games, with third-party titles as an added bonus.

Offer and demand

The question “why Nintendo Switch is games so expensive” has the most basic answer possible. You don’t last more than 130 years as a company without knowing a thing or two about how to maximize profits.

A better question is why this seems to be exclusive to Nintendo consoles when PlayStation and Xbox games drop in price after a few months. Bottom line: Nintendo has to make the best games for the Nintendo console, so there’s not much competition from third parties.

Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive
Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive

Is Nintendo Comfortable?

Sometimes the names of games are just as valuable as the content. There is power in the name Nintendo and it clearly epitomizes gaming, which is why physical Switch games are more expensive.

For most of us, even if we haven’t played anything Nintendo-related in a long time, we’ll recognize Link’s green outfit and Mario’s red hat from afar.

Nintendo has some of the most nostalgic and unique games out there, and they know it. Those prices are the only way to get them. You can’t play Super Mario exclusively with PlayStation or try The Legend of Zelda on Xbox.

So if Switch owners have no other choice, there’s no reason to cut prices. This is capitalism for you.


Why Are Nintendo Switch Games So Expensive, So, taking into account all the factors and what Nintendo as a company does to create value, we can probably say that Nintendo makes timeless games that never go out of style. And for some of the older generations who grew up playing Nintendo games, it’s hard to give up even if the bomb is worth it. It is present at the root of many.

Therefore, their games are like timeless classics in the world of video games and the classics always remain relevant no matter what time and age they are. They never get old. They never lose value. And that’s why you’ll never see the prices of “classic” Nintendo games go down.

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