Why Do Airpods Hurt My Ears

Why Do Airpods Hurt My Ears, One of the things I like about AirPods is how universally comfortable and portable they are. From the first generation of AirPods to AirPods Pro, I generally had a good experience with all of them.

However, I’ve been told that there is inevitably a small percentage of us who may not find our AirPods so comfortable all the time. So, if you’re one of the people who searched Google for “My AirPods hurt my ears, what can I do?” Don’t worry! just read.

Why Do Airpods Hurt My Ears
Why Do Airpods Hurt My Ears

Comfortable fit: it’s personal

Making universal-fit headphones is a struggle. The standard AirPods had many blockers, and the AirPods Pro fix this a bit with interchangeable silicone ear pads.

The new third-generation AirPods have a completely new shape that is different from the previous model. It’s more bulbous, sits slightly deeper in the ear than AirPods, and lacks the silicone tips of AirPods.

They seemed too big for our ears and it took a light tap to free them. Apple’s old headphone designs are better for us.

Since these don’t have silicone tips, the fit is like regular AirPods because it doesn’t block outside noise as much. Depending on your use and preference, this is good or bad. As a general rule of thumb, we like this loose fit – it can be more comfortable for extended wear.

Despite not being the ideal option for us, sitting at a desk all day puts less pressure on our ears. We could listen for hours in the morning; charge through lunch, and again in the afternoon without discomfort or earaches.

AirPods Pro, while comfortable, puts a bit of pressure on our ear canals and can start to hurt after prolonged use.

Why Do Airpods Hurt My Ears
Why Do Airpods Hurt My Ears

AirPods fit issues

Apple’s standard AirPods aren’t adjustable and don’t have removable tips, so if they do cause an earache, you have little to do.

AirPods location adjustment

AirPods aren’t designed to fit deep into the ear and sit on the contours of the ear, so making sure they’re not too far apart can also help with discomfort.

You don’t want to put pressure on the tragus in your ear, and sometimes placing AirPods too deep is a problem.

Why Do Airpods Hurt My Ears
Why Do Airpods Hurt My Ears

Getting used to AirPods over time

Some users on the MacRumors forums have said that their ears adjust to the size of AirPods after a few days or even a few weeks, so trying to get used to them is a possible solution.

When using this method, you should try to wear the AirPods for a few hours each day, giving your ears time to rest in between.

You’re holding AirPods too far from your ears

The purpose of wireless headphones is to create a uniform seal between the entrance to the ear canal and the surface of the headphones. Headphones and ear tips are not designed to fit into the ear canal.

Using your AirPods in this way causes the earbuds to vibrate too close to the eardrum, which can lead to earaches, headaches, and ear infections.

Wax build-up

He explained that the risks were particularly high for people who lived in more humid environments.

“Water trapped behind accumulated wax, especially in humid environments, can lead to ear infections. Symptoms can include pain, odor, discharge, and itching.”

He said that people should be given a good chance to clean their ears, so switch to the over-ear options.

“Like cotton buds, headphones often collect wax in the outer third of the ear canal and can leave the ears dry and itchy,” she said.

“Let the wax build-up again and see if that makes things better. Dirty headphones can also lead to reinfection; clean them daily with an alcohol wipe that removes 99.9% of pathogens.”

What is the correct way to use headphones?

If you do not wear hearing aids for a long time or make very loud noises, sound-induced hearing loss from hearing aids is 100% preventable.

Do not listen to music or play movies or video games at more than 60% of maximum volume.

Limit the amount of time you spend with the headphones in your ears to 60 minutes.

There’s another way to find out if your headphones are at a safe volume: Ask people sitting around you if they can hear your music. If they can, it is a sign that their hearing is deteriorating. Lower the volume until others can’t hear you.

Also, keep in mind that listening to music at a high volume can make you oblivious to what is happening around you. Which increases your chances of an accident. For example, if you’re running on a bike path, say “Look!” to the cyclist. It’s hard to hear screams. When your music drowns out all other sounds.

How can wear an airport prevent ear infections?

Why Do Airpods Hurt My Ears, An easy way to avoid ear infections caused by headphones is to clean them regularly. Sorry to say that you need to do more than clean your shirt buttons; You really should stop rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs.

How often you decide to clean your headphones depends on how often you use them, but we generally recommend that regular listeners clean their headphones and their case once a week. You still need to clean the headphones to remove the accumulated dirt.

To avoid the effects of earwax, you should limit the amount of time you spend with headphones or earplugs in your ears. When we put these objects in our ear canals, we make it nearly impossible for earwax to escape;

Worse yet, we can push the wax down even further and stick it there. It’s important to let your ears breathe to reduce moisture buildup, and it can also reduce acne on the outer ear.

Why Do Airpods Hurt My Ears
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