Why Does My Roomba Keeps Stopping? – Here’s The Solution

Why does my Roomba keep stopping? This is the question I asked myself last week, while my robot vacuum was performing its scheduled cleaning activity. This happened for 2 consecutive days. In my case it happened because my Roomba J7+ lost the wifi connection.

To ensure that your Roomba doesn’t STOP in between a cleaning run, the first thing you should do is check if it’s connected to your home wifi network.


Another question, we should ask ourselves is if the Roomba keeps stopping randomly or only at a specific spot or area? If it’s one specific area then make use of the keep out zones feature to avoid that area completely.
Also, if the battery is too old to hold charge and the Roomba battery is draining too fast. Just a surface troubleshooting step before we get into specific scenarios.

There could be many other reasons due to which a Roomba keeps stopping. If none of the basic troubleshooting steps work as explained above then, let’s explore all other scenarios with their fixes below.

Roomba Keeps Stopping Due to Jammed Wheels

Not all Roomba’s have Object Detect and Object Avoidance technology like Roomba j7+So it can happen, that your Roomba has picked up something while cleaning like cords etc. and they are stuck inside the wheels and hence preventing them from moving.

Try to move the wheels manually to check if they resist too much. Remove anything which may be the reason for the wheels to function smoothly.

Roomba Main Brush Is Clogged and Immovable

This is amongst the most common reasons for a Roomba to keep stopping randomly at various places while it’s cleaning.  This is confirmed if the Roomba shows the Error Message 2.

You need to open the Roomba and clean the brushes thoroughly by cleaning the brushes, wheels, axle and the housing. Additionally wipe the cliff sensors with a dry microfiber cloth too.

Roomba Keeps Moving In Circles – Error 9 Fix

Why Does My Roomba Keeps Stopping? - Here’s The Solution 1
Source: iRobot

Step 1: If the Roomba keeps spinning in circles, first try keeping it in an open space without any obstruction. Try running the Roomba here for around 2 minutes and see if it stops and displays any error message. Generally, error 9 is displayed for this specific issue and it’s related to the bumper which is stuck and needs to be cleaned.

Step 2: Error 9 will be displayed when the bumper is either dirty or it’s pressed in. Another cause of this error is the infrared emitter of the bumper sensor is faulty. We need to open up the Roomba to clean the bumper and the sensor both.

Step 3: We should perform the 3rd step only after the first two steps are done which are related to cleaning of the bumper and IR transmitter. Having some practical knowledge and experience in opening electronic items is a plus.

If you aren’t very confident of performing the steps which follow then just contact iROBOT customer care

In this step, verify that the CLEAN LED is turned OFF.

Step 4: Press and HOLD, both the CLEAN and the DOCK buttons simultaneously.

Step 5: While you’re holding the buttons from step 2, press the SPOT button 6 times.

Step 6: Now release the DOCK and CLEAN buttons.

Step 7: In this step you will notice that the Roomba has entered the TEST ZERO, and is playing a sequence of tunes. All the LEDs on the surface of the Roomba begin to flash.

Step 8: Now we need to advance to TEST TWO, so press the DOCK button 2 times.

Step 9: After following step 8, now you will enter the BUMPER TEST. Now the dirt detector light starts flashing blue, and the clean LED light will turn RED.

At this stage you need to press on the left side of the front bumper until it’s released. The spot LED light will go off when the bumper is released.

Now press on the right side of the bumper, and the dock LED light will turn on until the bumper is released. Once the bumper is detached, only the CLEAN LED will be ON.

If any of the DOCK/SPOT LEDs remain ON once the bumper is released means that the sensor is faulty. If this is the scenario, then push the spot and dock button simultaneously for 10 seconds to exit the TEST MODE.

Bumper sensors are placed in a packed sealed housing so they aren’t visible right off the bat with the eye unless you open the Roomba. If you wish to refer to a detailed guide on where to buy and replace the faulty sensors then do check this detailed guide here.

Roomba Keep Stopping Due To Discharged or Dead Battery

This is one of the simplest solutions which we overlook. If your battery is drained or not holding charge due to age then too a Roomba will keep stopping to perform any cleaning activity.

Press the power button on your Roomba. Do you see a flashing red light? A flashing red light means it’s discharged. Place the Roomba on the home base for charging and below are all the light signals which you can refer to.

Green Light: – Fully charged
Amber Light: – Partially charged
Red Light: – Almost completely discharged

Flashing Red Right: – 100% discharged

Roomba Battery Doesn’t Hold Charge For Long

Testing a Roomba for low charge capacity, we need to perform the 16 hour reset procedure

If after a prolonged charging duration of 2.5 hours, if the Roomba still keeps stopping then follow the procedure mentioned below:

  • Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. Remove the battery and reinstall it.
  • Charge the Roomba for a minimum of 16 hours and more. (This is called a 16 hour reset where a Roomba goes into deep charging mode.)
  • After 16 hours of charging duration, if the light is green then run the Roomba on maximum power and note any significant behavior or improvement in battery life. Run the Roomba without the home base so that the battery gets discharged. Note down how long it runs.

If the 16 hour reset doesn’t work, then it’s time to replace the battery of your robot vacuum cleaner.

Roomba Keeps Stopping With a Beeping Sound

Why Does My Roomba Keeps Stopping? - Here’s The Solution 2

If the Roomba is facing issues while it’s cleaning then it makes a two tone sound followed by a beep sound. The number of beep sounds it makes corresponds to a specific problem as listed below.

1 Beep: The wheels are stuck and hence Roomba is unable to move in a direction.

2 Beeps: Main brushes of the Roomba cannot perform any turning action.

5 Beeps: Side wheels on a Roomba are stuck.

6 Beeps: Cliff sensors on a Roomba are dirty or the Roomba is stuck near a cliff or on a dark surface.

9 Beeps: Bumper issue. Either it’s compressed or the bumper sensor is dirty and needs cleaning. We discussed this issue above and it may be related to Roomba moving in circles.

10 Beeps: The side wheels on a Roomba are stuck or the Roomba itself is stuck under objects. Move the Roomba to a new location and press the CLEAN button to restart.

11 Beeps: Error 10 and 11 are the same. So, check the side wheels which may be jammed.

Roomba, when completely discharged, makes a 4 tone sound which indicates that it needs to be put back onto the charging dock for charging.

Roomba Is Stuck To The Charging Dock. Won’t Move At All

The Roomba when instructed from the phone app doesn’t start the cleaning activity and is stuck to the home base. There could be two reasons for this as we discuss below.

Roomba Is Kept On An Uneven Surface

Home base should always be kept on an even surface so that the Roomba is able to dock itself properly to charge. If the surface is uneven, then it may not be able to make proper contacts with the charging socket and may not charge itself.

Another reason could be a damaged home base or the docking station. Do check it thoroughly if the Roomba charges properly when docked.

Why Does a Roomba Keeps Stopping Briefly While Cleaning

This is a completely normal behavior for a Roomba to take a pause while its cleaning, specially when its using LiDAR or camera navigation available in some high end Roomba’s like S9+ or j7+

Sometimes, the Roomba also keeps communication with the iROBOT home app on your phone for further sequential instructions to follow. 

Also, sometimes updating the Roomba map on your phone can also fix the issue of Roomba keeps stopping. Just instruct the Roomba to clean a specific room and then update the map

How Often Should You Empty a Roomba?

Roomba can also keep stopping if the bin is full. It’s suggested that you clean the Roomba after every cleaning run. If you can, then also clean the bin with lukewarm water and let it dry before putting it back again. This will help in the overall maintenance of the robot vacuum in the long run.


So we have seen various reasons why Roomba keeps stopping and their possible solutions. Just follow step by step and we are sure you will be able to fix this issue.

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