Why Does My Roomba Not Picking UP Dirt

Why Does My Roomba Not Picking UP DirtThe Roombas is a great device to have around the house. Vacuuming is considered one of the most boring jobs, and many people don’t vacuum as much as they should.

Roombas keeps your floors nice and clean without lifting a finger, but like any vacuum cleaner, its performance can deteriorate for no apparent reason.

If the filter and cleaning head is dirty, the Roombas may not start to vacuum well. Many people forget that all of that debris has to go somewhere and will accumulate over time. However, if your Roomba is completely clean and still not working properly, it indicates that something is wrong.

We come across various scenarios where a Roomba is not cleaning an area or object properly. If you want to know more, we encourage you to keep reading!

Why Does My Roomba Not Picking UP Dirt
Why Does My Roomba Not Picking UP Dirt

Robot vacuum cleaner leaves dirt on the floor

If the robot vacuum cleaner is not as clean as before, check the brush for damage.

Side brushes are usually the first to wear out and often need to be replaced every 6 months. Also, check the main roller brush.

Clogged or clogged filters can also affect cleaning performance by reducing suction. This makes it difficult for the vacuum to pick up dirt and pet hair.

After each cleaning, be sure to dust the filter to remove hair and dust.

You should wash it every 15-30 days. If it is a HEPA filter, replace it after about 6 months.

Clear filter

Now is the time to remove accumulated dust and dirt from the filter. One way is to repeatedly tap the filter to remove the dust inside the trash can, or you can try removing the dust with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Vacuuming the filter with a handheld vacuum can also work.

One thing you don’t want to do is clean the filter with water; This is the safest way to destroy it.

Why Does My Roomba Not Picking UP Dirt
Why Does My Roomba Not Picking UP Dirt

The brushes do not rotate

The brush is clogged with dirt or other debris.

Brush hairs can get tangled around the brush shaft, rendering them unable to rotate. Remove tangled dirt and hair and clean the brush to make sure it can move. Scissors are useful for cutting tangled hair, making it easy to remove.

The brush module is broken

Verify that the module is working properly by turning it on manually; If it doesn’t work, you may need to replace it.

Why Does My Roomba Not Picking UP Dirt
Why Does My Roomba Not Picking UP Dirt

How to restart Roomba

If you have marked that your robot was not cleaned at the same time, if you have noticed that it has reduced performance, you will need to restart your Roomba.

To make sure the battery is the problem, do not replace the battery in your Roomba before restarting.

Reset Roomba flow down.

Phase 1

Put it on the weight of your robot. Apply it at the base of operations. Or connect the charger directly to the robot.

Phase 2

Press and hold the “Clean” button for about 10 seconds until the blue text “r 5Y” appears.

Step 3

When “R5P” is displayed, release “Clean”, then your Roomba will turn off and you will hear a “beep” tone. These tones ensure that the restart was successful.

Step 4

Avoid charging the robot for 16 hours and then turn it on. Performance could improve and your Roomba could return like never before.

It is important to note that with this operation your Roomba remains with the factory settings.

Why Does My Roomba Not Picking UP Dirt
Why Does My Roomba Not Picking UP Dirt

Teammate controls

Your device might be working due to some issue in your device. If so, there’s not much you can do yourself. Instead, you will need to have the device checked out by a professional.


Why Does My Roomba Not Picking UP Dirt, Moreover, there you have it, the complete troubleshooting guide for the question: Why isn’t my Roomba picking up dirt. Nine out of ten times this problem is due to the accumulation of hair, dust, dirt, and grime under the side brush. This is true for all Roomba models, old and new.

  If you have a Roomba, spending just five minutes cleaning the side brush will ensure that it lasts a long time.

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