Why Does My Router Keep Resetting

Why Does My Router Keep Resetting

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Though routers are very finicky devices, the best-performing ones sometimes come to a crawl or stop unexpectedly for a variety of reasons. It’s not uncommon for this to happen right before you click send on a major email, or while you’re doing any important work on your PC through the Internet.

In other scenarios, you may be made to restart the router in order for it to perform brilliantly. If you are currently experiencing similar challenges, we recommend that you stick around for our tips on solving these problems. In the following guide, we’ll be describing some of the most frequent reasons why my router keeps resetting? And it is slowing or slowing down, and also some things to consider. So, read this article at the end to fix these problems.

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Check Where is The Problem

Before you mess with your router, you need to make sure the issue isn’t the modem or your online service provider. To check, just plug your computer directly into your modem and see whether you get any lost connections or other problems.

Otherwise, the challenge is likely associated with your router and not the modem. If your modem is a modem/router combo, you won’t be able to run this test. We recommend using a separate modem and router for this purpose.

If you have contacted your internet service provider and the problem persists, it is likely that there is an issue with your modem. You should contact your internet service provider or the manufacturer if you are unable to fix this on your own.

But what if you’re Router keeps resetting automatically? Then you need to keep reading this article for a perfect solution.

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Why Does My Router Keep Resetting?

Your incoming online connection from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) goes straight from the cable on your wall to the Router. Your whole house or Office internet connection is dependent on that Router. When it unexpectedly restarts, it doesn’t matter how great your mesh process is, or how good you are at editing or writing, all things stop. Therefore, this is very irritating right.

Troubleshooting your modem to prevent random restarts can be tough. Sometimes you’ll need to go through a list of hardware, then applications, and then finally the modem itself. Setting up a list of priorities will help you make sure that you have done all things. Don’t worry.

Here are some of the causes of Router Resetting:

Check Whether Router is not Overheating

It is a very common problem, which can cause your router to keep resetting automatically. So firstly which whether the router is not overheating. If your router is overheating, it’s important that you make some tweaks. Your router should be secured to a wall or on top of a desk in an open space. The best way to do this is by using wooden blocks or raising the router is to keep your router right after the fan.

So, the router will cool down. When it is at normal temperature again, start your router and your problem will be fixed.

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Check the Power Cords and Connectors

It’s important to remember that a loose power connection can cause many issues. To check for this, just wobble or move the power plug. Also, you can test the power supply by trying to move it in any direction and checking if it has cracks or if it is broken or not.

If the router is blackened with the slightest wobble or movement, there is a chance that it will not get a steady current flow. A disconnection or an occasional restart could cause this.

There could be a few different reasons why the router is not turning on or resetting automatically. If you changed the power supply, but it still doesn’t work, then try replacing the power cable.

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Make Sure You Are Not Over Using It

If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds and your router has been restarting for no apparent reason, it might be time to get a new one. If you add more devices than your modem can handle, this issue may arise. This can be fixed by turning off the modem for a few minutes. It can also happen that your modem may be overloaded, which will happen if it contains a router function. If this is the case, your device network will distribute IP addresses.

To troubleshoot your router or internet connection, turn off all devices that use the Internet, including computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and smart home devices. One at a time turns off these devices to see if the modem remains on. If you find that your router is resetting when you start to reach a certain number of devices, then it’s likely time for a new router or higher-quality model. Talk to your Internet Service Provider in this case, and they will guide you further.

Limit File Connection Service

If you notice that your connections are taking a long time to establish, or if you’re seeing “connection timed out” messages, then there may be too much traffic on your router. This is because other people on your network are using BitTorrent and Usenet or any other high connection-taking service. That can also cause resetting your router again and again.

Be sure to optimize your download speeds. If you are a strong downloader, go to your BitTorrent or Usenet client of your choice and go to its settings dialog. You will find that there is a place where you can limit the download, just limit the download. This will fix some problems with the router.

If you find that your router’s problems disappear after changing these settings, you may find that the problem is that you’re adjusting for slower download speeds. Try to limit the download speeds and see if that solves your problem, and then shut down the client.

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Buy A New Router

It’s time to buy a new router if the recommendations above don’t work. The thirst for fast internet speeds and the number of connected devices in your home is increasing, so purchasing something new and powerful will offer a more permanent solution.

The advantage of investing in a newer router is that you get higher speeds, a more reliable connection, and better security. While simple users can get away with using a single-band router, we recommend a dual-band Smart Router with some security features to keep your data and identity secure. Your current router is designed to process fewer devices over time.

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So, I hope now all your problems with your router are fixed. And you know Why Does My Router Keep Resetting? In this case, if it is not fixed then you have to contact a professional or contact to support, or you can buy a new router instead.

And also make sure to purchase a high-quality router so that you will be able to work for a long time on it without facing any issues like resetting and restarting issues.

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