Why Is My Phone Slow ( Fix it with the Help of these Tips )

Android smartphones tend to slow down after a few days of usage. Due to the slowness, there are a lot of problems with using the phone. If you are also troubled by the slowness of your Android smartphone, then we are telling you some tricks by which you can make the phone fast again.

Smartphone users have to face the problem of slowing down the phone many times. This is often seen on Android devices. When the phone is new, then there is no such problem with it, but as you use it, it starts slowing down.

Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone. Smartphones have many advantages, but they also have a problem. After a while, the smartphone starts to slow down. Often we get to see this problem in Android phones. If you are also troubled by the slowness of the smartphone, then we will tell you some such tips, which can prove to be a panacea for your slow phone.

RAM in the phone can also be a big reason for this. Along with this, this problem also arises due to filling more apps in the device than necessary. If you are also troubled by the slowness of your Android smartphone, then we are telling you some tricks through which you can make your phone fast again.

Best Tips to Make Your Phone Faster

1: Delete unnecessary apps

If the phone has become slow, then it can be made fast by deleting the unnecessary apps present in the device. Many times users install such apps, which they do not use. Most of the apps on the phone are always working.

Due to this, they have to be constantly connected to the internet. Due to running in the background, they slow down the processing of the phone. In such a situation, it would be better that you delete those apps from the phone immediately, which you do not use even once a month.

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2: Install third-party app launcher

Most Android smartphone makers customize the operating system on their devices. Skins and launchers designed by the company are used in these phones. Apart from the features of the operating system, new widgets, layouts, and other features are given in the company’s user interface.

Although some users find these customizations and feature useful, they also have the potential to slow down your smartphone. The best way to get rid of this is with a third-party launcher. This will remove most of the custom features, as well as give you the option of personalization.

3: Disable unnecessary background processes, check syncing apps

Some apps start working as soon as the phone is started. At the same time, some keep synchronizing with online services continuously. Both types of apps can dramatically slow down a smartphone. To know which apps are running in the background, the user should go to the Apps section in Settings.

Then swipe up on the ‘Running’ tab. If there are apps that are running in the background and are not used, then such apps should be uninstalled. If these apps cannot be removed then they should be disabled.

After this, one more thing needs to be checked whether there are apps that are synchronizing in the background, and users are able to use the benefits of syncing. If not, users can turn off synchronization in the background. Doing so saves both data and system resources.

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4: Clear the app cache

There are many apps that you do not use but they are necessary. Hotel booking, railways, and some food ordering apps fall under this category. If you do not want to delete these apps, then it is best that you clear the cache of these apps.

You will find the option to clear the cache in the storage option of the Android phone’s settings. Here you can clear the cache by going to every app. Along with this, you can also see the storage availability increasing.

Clearing the cache deletes the old data stored in the app. Facebook, Chrome, Instagram are some such apps whose cache memory fills up a lot in a short time.

5: Use the Lite version of the app

There are many apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Messenger which are quite heavy. The developers of these apps are also aware of this. That’s why the Lite variant of these apps is also available on the Play Store.

These lite versions of the apps are designed for entry-level affordable smartphones. Due to less RAM, Lite version apps run well on these phones.

6: Update phone

Updates come from time to time for Android devices. Some of these come directly from Android and smartphone companies send some. With these updates, you can make your smartphone better than before.

Not only has this, with the latest updates, companies also provided security patches along with general bug fixes in the phone, which is good for the performance of your phone. However, while updating the phone, take care of your phone’s storage and RAM as well. Often new updates are a bit heavy which can slow down the system instead of making it faster.

7: Format SD Card

Format the memory card if your Android smartphone is crashing frequently. Due to the corruption of the SD card, the performance of the phone decreases significantly. Formatting the card deletes unnecessary files created by the Android system and apps. NS

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8: Restart The Phone

This is the most common and effective way to make the phone faster. Whenever you feel that your phone has become slow, restart it once. With this, along with deleting the temporary files created in the Android system, it also cleans the phone memory.

9: Make use of Cloud Storage

Media files present in the phone slow down its performance. By keeping photos and videos saved in the phone’s internal memory.

The processing of the phone becomes very slow. For this, it would be best that you save the photos and videos of your device on Google Cloud. With this, the internal memory of your phone will be free.

10: Reset The Phone

If your phone is not getting fast with these tricks mentioned above, then it is best that you reset it. Doing a factory reset clears all the data on the internal storage of the phone. Experts also say that the phone should be reset once every 6-8 months. After the reset, in a way, your phone becomes brand new.

11: Using Developer Options

While doing any work on the phone, the biggest problem occurs when the phone starts slowing down or hangs. To make the phone run without interruption, we look for many solutions on the phone.

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Extra Settings to Fix Slow Phone

Sometimes they delete apps; sometimes they clear the phone’s cache. But you will be surprised to know that the speed of your phone can be fixed only by changing some settings.

We are talking about such tricks hidden in the phone, which will increase the speed of our phone and this trick is present in the settings of our phone, in which small changes can be saved from hanging. Let us know what you have to do about this.

What will need to be done-

For faster and better performance of your phone, first of all, go to the phone’s Settings. After this, you have to go to About Phone. Then go to Build number and tap 7 times (If the Developer option is already present in your phone, then you will not have to tap on build number 7 times).

Now with this, the user will get the option of Developer. After going into it, you have to go to the Window Animation scale. In most phones, this scale is 1x. So as this scale is increased, for example by 10x, the phone will become very slow. So turning off this scale will increase the speed of the phone.

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