Why isn’t My Headset Mic Working, How do I Fix it

You are having trouble getting your headset microphone working on your PC. Well, there are a lot of different things why this might not work and there is no way I can cover them all in this post.

But in my experience. Most of the issues in this post are software-related. I’m going to go over some of the most common things that can cause your problem. And you can fix your mic to work.

Why isn’t My Headset Mic Working, How do I Fix it

If you are using a headset with a 35mm audio cable. I recommend checking out this post and making sure you understand the difference between a headset with a 3.5 Millimeter audio connector and headsets.

Which has separate headphone and mic connectors. And that different jacks are required on your PC in order for them to function properly. There are adapter cables you can buy for your PC and headset.

Don’t have the same relationship. But that’s what my other posts address, so go and read that post for that stuff. I’d like to start by looking at the easiest solutions first and then move on from there.

Follow These Steps To Fix A USB Headset Mic Problem –


  • If your mic is not working on your headset. first thing. I would say to check to make sure your mic is not muted.
  • Many headsets have a button or switch. You can toggle your mic to mute and unmute. There is nothing that will make you feel like an idiot more than hours changing settings and uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and other software.

Why isn’t My Headset Mic Working, How do I Fix it

And then find out you only need to unmute your mic, not that I don’t know anything about it if your mic isn’t muted and it’s still not working.


  • You need to go to the bottom right corner of your windows desktop and click on the speaker icon. Then go to this field, where it tells you what audio device you are currently using,  click on it.
  • If you are using a USB headset assuming all USB headsets work the same way as mine your headset should show up in this list and you can select it.
  • Sometimes, the headset is corsair void pro, and when you select it.  All my audio gets switched on on your headset. The front section of the post is for headsets that use a 35mm audio cable.

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Follow These Steps To Fix A 3.5mm Headset Mic Problem –

Well now, if you have a headset that uses a 3.5mm audio cable. I don’t think you’re going to see your headset listed.  Because the actual technology should automatically switch the audio from going to your speakers to your headset. So you want to at least put it on the speaker.

  • This is the way it works for you and on your PC. You may or may not receive a pop-up when you plug your headset. I asking you what was just plugged into my desktop PC. It always pops up but it never happens sometimes.
  • Even though you have enabled the option for that pop-up to appear. If the pop-up appears, be sure to select the option you have plugged in. Because I am using a four-pin truss jack, first ask if I had the mic just plugged in, here are some There are other options.
  • But since I’m plugging in a headset with mica I just want to drop it on the mic and click OK. After this, another dialog box pops up. Headphones asking.

Why isn’t My Headset Mic Working, How do I Fix it

We have also connected again. Then you have other options. But I just want to leave it on the headphones. and click OK. If your PC or headset uses two or three pins. Truss Jack.

Then you’ll plug them in separately and then if you’re wondering if you’re sitting there answering the question for each device that your plugin. What is this man talking about now?

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Explains the difference between a three-pin truss and a four-pin truss 35-millimeter audio connector.

Why isn’t My Headset Mic Working, How do I Fix it

What’s popping up in the card right now is fine, so you’ve connected your headset properly and selected the proper audio device. but it’s still not working correctly.

Follow These Steps –

  • Let’s hit the windows key on our keyboard and type in real tech. It should bring up a Realtek audio console app or Realtek audio manager or something like that you want to select and Want to open the Realtek Control Panel.
  • Now your actual technical interface may look very different from mine. But you should have the same Options under Microphone.
  • You should have a slider or something to control the recording volume and a checkbox or button to mute the microphone.
  • Make sure your mic is not muted and you are recording volume. While you’re here you can also check out the device’s advanced settings and make sure those settings are what you want them to be here at the top.
  • Then you have the option to disable pop-ups when plugging stuff in below. That you have my back panel and front panel audio connection on the back panel of your pc. Then you can see only your speakers plugged in.
  • so that’s the only thing, You should actually click and change. You can choose it as a speaker or headphones. One or the other for your front panel connector.

Why isn’t My Headset Mic Working, How do I Fix it

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  • The green one is for audio out which I currently set as headphones and the pink one is for mic as I go further down. We have a few options for playback and recording devices, for playback devices by default the front and rear output devices play back the same audio stream.
  • But you can change this where the front and rear jacks play different audio. I leave it at the default setting to keep things simple if you feel like it, the same goes for recording devices allowing you to make the front and rear jacks independent of each other.
  • But I want to leave it where it connects all the input jacks to a single device. If that doesn’t fix your problem, the next thing I would look for is the sound menu in the windows control panel.
  • So let’s hit our windows key again and then type in the control panel and when this window pops up When up, click Hardware and Sound and press Enter. Then click on Sound. Now you will be seeing a window like clicking on the Recording device tab.
  • And if you are using a USB headset. Mike should show it. Here else if you are using 3.5Millimeters. The headset mic should also look like I have the microphone here as Realtek Audio. If your mic doesn’t appear in this list, try right-clicking it in the window.
  • And select the option to show disabled devices. If your mic is off for some reason. Then it should appear in the list.

Why isn’t My Headset Mic Working, How do I Fix it

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  • And you can right-click on it and select Enabled Make sure your headset mic is set as your default recording device. And you should be good to go. If you are using a laptop with a built-in microphone.
  • That too should appear on this list. Many times a laptop will have a mic set as the default recording device and it will use it instead of your headset mic.
  • So you may need to set your headset mic as default instead of a built-in mic, like this. At this point, you should see a green bar light up here. When you talk if you don’t see any action.
  • Then click on your mic and then click on Properties in this window. We want to click on the Levels tab and make sure your mic is not muted. and adjust the level of the microphone.

There’s also a microphone boost. but I don’t mess with it if I’m not in the listen tab. You can test to see if your mic is working by clicking the listen to this device checkbox and then click apply once Click on Do to be able to hear yourself talking through your headset.

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You also want to make sure of this. It is set to something else. If the mic is working fine and there is a sound and control panel then I will.

But my applications don’t have to go into those specific applications and switch the input and output devices on my headset for example in contention.

 I would go into Settings under Voice & post and instead of leaving Input and Output Devices at the default. I’ll switch it to my headset or other specific headphones and microphone that I’m hopefully using.

One of these things will help you get your mic working again in my experience. Usually one of them or a combination of a couple of them will make it work properly.

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